Whatssssssssssss Up, Humanssssss? Snake-like UFO Appears Again in California

© Photo : YouTube// thirdphaseofmooncigar-shaped UFO
cigar-shaped UFO - Sputnik International
The obscure object has appeared in the skies above different parts of the United States and even Scotland.

Some say it is cigar-shaped, while others contend it looks like a snake. But everyone who has seen it claims they don't have the slightest idea what it is or where it came from. And it has appeared again: this time it was filmed where it was spotted the first time – above the Mojave Desert in California.

The video, shot by a Youtuber who wishes to remain anonymous, shows a black elongated object floating in the sky.

“Something big in the sky up there is moving really-really-really slow. And it is tilting back and forth sometimes. Look at how slow that thing is moving. And it’s humungous. It’s really-really big,” said the author of the video.

But what makes this story more interesting is the fact that the enigmatic object has been spotted above numerous places in the United States – New York, Wyoming and Washington –even Edinburgh,Scotland. Hope is it's not venomous.













Former police detective Gary Heseltine told the Daily Star the US government is monitoring the object.

"These sightings can be rare and have been seen around the world from time to time, particularly in South American countries like Mexico and Peru.I suspect that we only know 10% of the truth about UFOs and ET contact which means 90% is still in the secret world of military intelligence, Heseltine said

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