US Resident May Disclose Details of 1985 Badaber Uprising in Pakistan

Details of the 1985 uprising by the Soviet and Afghan prisoners of war in Pakistan may be disclosed by one of its participants who lives in the United States, a former chief of the Russian Defense Ministry's Directorate for the Memorialization of Soldiers Fallen Defending the Fatherland told Sputnik.

MOSCOW (Sputnik) – The uprising occurred on April 26, 1985, at the Badaber fortress near Peshawar, Pakistan, where Soviet and Afghan prisoners of war were held.

"Today, we have gained information that one of the participants of those events lives in the United States. And we asked Americans to specify how we can get in touch with him," retired Maj. Gen. Alexander Kirilin, who is also secretary of the Russian Military Historical Society's academic board, said.

He said that during the Badaber uprising a group of Soviet and Afghan prisoners killed the guards, seized the camp and entered the unequal battle with Afghan Mujahedeen and the Pakistan’s army. The attempt to break the siege failed and after an explosion at an ammunition depot the camp was taken with most of the participants of the revolt being killed.

Kirilin said that only some surnames of the uprising’s participants are known with no witnesses being found so far.