Hague Court of Appeal Reinstates Curfew in Netherlands With Immediate Effect, Reports Say

MOSCOW (Sputnik) - The Hague court of appeal has overturned a district court's decision to lift the curfew in the Netherlands, NL Times reported.

The curfew will be in force at least until Friday, when full arguments in a lawsuit to lift the curfew are to be heard.

The Hague district court ruled on Tuesday to lift the coronavirus-linked curfew in the Netherlands. The measure, which was used in the country for the first time since World War II, provoked protests that turned violent.

The court explained that the curfew had been imposed based on the emergency law, which allowed the government to act without consultations with the parliament. The court found that the government had had the time to work with the parliament in this case, as the situation was not urgent enough. The court ruled that the curfew was a serious infringement upon human rights. The Dutch authorities then announced their intention to challenge the ruling.