VIDEO: Israel Deploys Iron Dome in Tel Aviv to Ward Off Rocket Attacks

 Israeli Iron Dome - Sputnik International, 1920, 06.08.2022
Palestinian militants started firing rockets at highly populated areas in Israel after the launch of a military operation by Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) against Palestinian Islamic Jihad in Gaza.
As rockets which had been launched from the Gaza Strip started raining down upon Israeli cities during the latest escalation of Israeli-Palestinian hostilities, videos showing what looks like Israel’s attempt to defend itself against these attacks started to emerge online.
One such short video was apparently recorded in Tel Aviv where Israel's “Iron Dome” air defense systems were attempting to intercept rockets fired at the city, according to the description accompanying the footage.
Loud bangs can be heard in the background and white trails can be seen among the clouds in the sky, though the camera does not capture any explosions or rockets being intercepted in mid-air.
On 5 August, Israeli armed forces launched its so-called Operation Breaking Dawn against Palestinian Islamic Jihad in Gaza, with the militants in the Gaza Strip promptly retaliating with a barrage of rockets against Israeli cities.
The IDF activated the Iron Dome system all across Israel - air defense systems which allegedly are able to intercept dozens of rockets fired by Palestinian militants.
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