An address to the global sporting community made by participants in the forum, "Global Sport against International Terrorism"

Terrorism, which has become a problem for many countries in recent times, is a challenge to all mankind. The ideology of violence undermines the foundations of the civilised world. It is obvious today that the use of force alone cannot solve this problem.

The ideas of peace and accord, the main principles of sport, can counteract criminal aggression. Accordingly, current and former sportsmen, the entire sporting community in Russia, have united in the forum, "Global Sport against International Terrorism."

The forum will concentrate on developing children's and young people's sport, particularly in some regions that are faced with problems. Conditions must be created to protect young people from radical ideology and terrorism. By cultivating in the growing generation the ideas of peace and goodness that can be found in sport, we shall make young people far more immune to the influence of terrorist ideology.

The forum's main principle is action. We are not merely expressing our concern about the terrorist threat. By cultivating a spirit of optimism in young people, we are putting forward measures to eliminate the influence of terrorist ideology in the minds of children and teenagers.

The forum's main areas of activity will be building sporting facilities, including in the aforementioned regions, and ensuring that children have sporting equipment to hold events in towns that have fallen victim to terrorism.

No country has managed to conquer the terrorist threat in isolation. The fight against radical and terrorist ideas can and should be a priority for the global sporting movement. Therefore, we urge everyone to rally around the forum "Global Sport against International Terrorism." We can only counteract this evil by pooling our efforts. Only together can we protect young people from the destructive ideology of violence.

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