TEHERAN, February 21 (RIA Novosti's Nikolai Terekhov) - Official representative of the Iranian government Abdullah Ramazanzade has said that by its actions the United States is going to limit contacts between other states and Iran.

"In view of the lack of relations between Washington and Tehran, the Americans are going by their anti-Iranian actions to limit or end the contacts of other states with Iran in different areas and in this way find inadequate companions", he said in the RIA Novosti interview.

In his opinion, "Europeans are well aware of the role of the Islamic Republic in the ensurance of regional stability in the Middle East and the Persian Gulf".

"Experience shows that, whenever the European Union cooperates with the United States, Europeans suffer detriment", said the representative of the Iranian government.

"We are convinced that, with Washington exerting unending pressure on the European Union, the Europeans well understand how much American pressure they should be subjected to", he said.

He noted that Iran "continues talks with the International Atomic Energy Agency and the European Union to resolve the problem of the Iranian nuclear programs and we don't care whether or not the EU coordinates actions with the United States".

Talks between Iran and the EU in Geneva last week resulted in Tehran's approval of the European proposal on shipping a light-water nuclear reactor to the country. Simultaneously, the sides have mapped out a further line for granting mutual guarantees in implementing the obligations assumed. Iran has reaffirmed the peaceful intent of its nuclear programs and provided a feasibility study report on the peaceful use of nuclear energy for electricity production in the country.

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