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Rotating skyscraper planned for Moscow

MOSCOW, September 11 (RIA Novosti) - Moscow's skyline is to get a new addition - in the shape of a rotating skyscraper - the Italian architect David Fisher told RIA Novosti.

"We really are going to build in Moscow. We just don't know where yet. I've looked at a few spots, and one of them, I hope, will be chosen in the next few weeks," confirmed Fisher.

"The skyscraper is sure to become one of the symbols of the city," commented the architect.

Fisher invented the rotating skyscraper while working in Florence, and the first of these is to be built in Dubai, where work is due to begin on a 68-story rotating hotel.

The world's second rotating skyscraper is, however, set to appear in Moscow, another city currently awash in petrodollars. The skyscraper was ordered by the Mirax Group, headed by Sergei Polonsky, said Fisher, and will be 300 meters (900 feet) high, with 60 floors. The Mirax Group is also currently overseeing the construction of the gigantic Federation Towers in Moscow City, the Russian capital's new business center.

"Every floor turns independently, clockwise or counterclockwise. A full rotation of the building takes from one to three hours. Basically, each floor leads its own existence, and this is how the building gets its strange and constantly changing shape," explained the architect.

"There will be no noise, and no vibration. And the people inside won't get dizzy," he added.

Fisher said that the skyscrapers are completely safe, containing "sturdy, steel rods at their centers." Each skyscraper takes around 20 months from the start of construction to its completion, he added.

Fisher also commented on the long history of Italian architects in Russia, mentioning that his countrymen had worked on the Kremlin in Moscow and on palaces in St. Petersburg.

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