Western Media Reports Shockingly Dishonest on Russia’s Part in Ukraine Events – Journalist

As everyone’s attention is drawn to the fate of the Russian humanitarian aid convoy at the Ukrainian border, some analysts are noting a shift in the tone of Western coverage of the conflict in the region, namely sociologist Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya, who shared his opinion speaking to Radio VR.

MOSCOW, August 17 (RIA Novosti) - As everyone’s attention is drawn to the fate of the Russian humanitarian aid convoy at the Ukrainian border, some analysts are noting a shift in the tone of Western coverage of the conflict in the region, namely sociologist Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya, who shared his opinion speaking to Radio VR.

Others, including Dennis Small, member of the editorial board of Executive Intelligence Review magazine, say the shift is miniscule, stating what the Western media reports are still a bunch of lies.

The role of media on both sides of the Atlantic has universally been a part of war propaganda, Mr. Small points out, adding it is all about “justifying what is in actual fact an intended war that both the British and US under Obama want to trigger in the region with the purpose of seeking a conflict with Russia.”

Mr. Nazemroaya notes the media campaign against Russia and its leadership still exists, but the language and tone are now softer. “The emphasis has also changed, as EuroMaidan is more like a liability, it is forgotten.” By changing the narrative, Western media is obfuscating the actual political scene in Ukraine. They are shifting the focus from Ukrainian internal politics to broader geopolitics, to the Middle East and the resumed Iraqi conflict in particular.

Mr. Small’s approach is yet more categorical in that he unequivocally states the Western media coverage of, for example, the convoy, or the issue of Russia’s military exercise is shockingly dishonest. “It’s not just mistakes, it is dishonest. It is a well-known fact that the military drills that the West reported to have been right on the border with Ukraine, actually took place some hundred kilometers away.”

Though some individuals are slowly waking up to the reality, the average American, similarly to even the average Congressman is not really up-to-date on what’s going on, easily buying into what the mainstream media is forcing upon them. “In our activities in Washington we have pressured Congress and lobbied Congress to wake up to the fact that because of the biased line out in the media they’ve bought into what has in fact been support for neo-Nazi elements in Ukraine. And many of them were actually surprised to learn that this was actually the case.”

Mr. Small adduces an example of the Daily Telegraph recent publication, which shared a well-documented fact that many people who seized power in the power takeover in Ukraine imposed by Washington in actual fact are neo-Nazis, directly linked to the remnants of Stepan Bandera apparatus.
“This is what Lyndon LaRouche, the founder of our magazine, pointed to back in March in an extensive two-part dossier that explained that the government Victoria Nuland of the State Department had imposed on Ukraine was in fact neo-Nazi in orientation.”

The expert goes on to say media has a long way to go to recognize how things stand in actual fact. Instead he says Western media is a planned strategic operation carried out by the dominant financial interests on the Trans-Atlantic side. Baiting and provoking, with the hope of forcing “the submission of Russia and China; because their financial system - that of the Trans-Atlantic sector - is actually crumbling.”

There are some voices, however, in the West who perceive the policies of the US and the NATO as an extreme danger, warning that through the US initiated regime change in Ukraine, their governments' ultimate goal is targeting Russians.

One of the most important voices is that of Stephen Cohen, Professor Emeritus at Princeton, one of the foremost experts on Russia in the US, says Mr. Small. “The seemingly unthinkable becomes imaginable, - an actual war between the US and post-Soviet Russia.” Just to note, Professor Cohen thus pointed to the risk that this could easily escalate to use of nuclear weapons.

Mr. Small expresses certainty that Western media is subservient to the financial interests trying to bring the confrontation about. He cites the Trans-Atlantic financial system under the control of the City of London and Wall Street which currently has 2 quadrillion dollars in financial aggregate outstanding. “Don’t ask me how many zeros that is. It will take too long to tell.”

He calls the structure “a speculative bubble” that is getting completely out of hand. It once exploded in 2008, he says, and what has been done since then has done nothing to solve it, and has only “made it worse.”

To try to maintain that bubble they [those behind the “bubble”] believe it’s absolutely necessary to stop any part of the world that’s developing economically under a different system, thus choosing to target Russia and China. “They have stated very clearly that they are prepared if necessary to take this to the point of nuclear confrontation, to try to get that kind of back down.” The strategic policy is most surely dictated by “the owners of this 2 quadrillion dollar speculative bubble that they praise more than anything else in the world.”

The financial interests in terms of controlling the Western media are fairly well documented in major publications, VR’s expert notes. There is significant pressure coming from the Republican congress, which is, as economist LaRouche said, “for Obama’s impeachment immediately”, because he violated the Constitution by initiating wars without the approval of Congress. He would never get the approval, as the American population is way “fed up with war.”

At this point the expert sounds no less categorical:

“The sanctions are all based on lies. Just as the attempted overthrow of Syrian government was based on lies. Just as the Iraqi war was based on lies.”

He points to the so-called Gulf of Tonkin syndrome, omnipresent in the US strategic policies. In other words, this is coming up with a false incident, as in the case of Vietnam War (the Gulf of Tonkin incident) to then justify what had been a planned strategy.

Earlier news reports came in stating the Western governments censored media coverage of the Ukrainian crisis. Russia immediately responded by urging the European and US authorities not to entangle the media into short-term political games and not to put any restrictions on English-language broadcasts of Russian channels.

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