The Ukraine Crisis Remains Unresolved

© RIA Novosti . Mikhail Palinchak / Go to the mediabankIn other words, Washington’s strategic goals go beyond NATO membership for Ukraine.
In other words, Washington’s strategic goals go beyond NATO membership for Ukraine. - Sputnik International
Some Western commentators interpret the ceasefire in Ukraine obtained by President Putin as a victory for Russia. The reasoning is that the ceasefire leaves Ukraine with disputed borders, which rules out Ukraine’s membership in NATO.

Some Western commentators interpret the ceasefire in Ukraine obtained by President Putin as a victory for Russia. The reasoning is that the ceasefire leaves Ukraine with disputed borders, which rules out Ukraine’s membership in NATO.

But will the ceasefire hold? The right-wing Kiev militias, whose members often wear Nazi insignias, are not under Kiev’s complete control. These militias can easily violate the ceasefire, and there are already reports of violations. Moreover, the billionaire oligarch that Washington has installed in Kiev as president of Ukraine will violate the ceasefire on Washington’s orders, unless, of course, Putin has put the fear of God in him.

To a military strategist, the Russian response to the trouble that Washington has caused Russia in Ukraine, which had been a part of Russia for longer than the US has existed, is a mystery. Russia lost Ukraine because of its weakness when the Soviet Union collapsed, and Washington forced Russia to permit an independent Ukraine, which served Washington’s purpose of breaking up the Russian Federation.

The western Ukrainians, who fought for Hitler during World War II, maintained an impressive lobby organization in Washington and secured their country’s independence, but they did not control Ukraine because much of the country consists of former Russian territories which were made part of Ukraine by Soviet leaders.

Blood ties from intermarriage over centuries and the interwoven economic relationships that Russia and Ukraine achieved over centuries essentially left Ukraine part of Russia, as it had been for centuries.

This frustrated the World Empire Neoconservatives who have controlled the US government since the corrupt Clintons, whose regime brought Third World corruption into American political life. Remember former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich, Clinton’s university friend, who resigned from Clinton’s cabinet on principle. Clinton betrayed the constituency that had elected him. And Clinton’s cheated-on wife, allied with nationalist Israel and the hawkish neoconservatives, is the Democrats and feminists’ current favorite for their next presidential nominee. 

As in ancient Rome, dynasties are now the sources of presidential leadership. The US, like ancient Rome, is on the path to destruction which occurs when the ambition of leaders take precedence over the fate of the country.

Keeping Ukraine out of NATO is no doubt a goal of the Russian government. However, the trouble that Washington brought to Russia in Ukraine — by orchestrating a coup, installing a puppet government, and unleashing violence against the residents of former Russian territories that Soviet leaders attached to Ukraine — is being used for wider purposes than the incorporation of Ukraine into NATO.

In other words, Washington’s strategic goals go beyond NATO membership for Ukraine.

One goal is to break apart the economic and political relationships between Europe and Russia.  By using Ukraine to demonize Russia, Washington has prompted the European Union to impose sanctions on Russia that disrupt their trade relationships and create distrust.  

This distrust serves Washington’s purpose. Washington has demonstrated to Russia that its bought and-paid-for European politicians are unwilling to have foreign policies independent of Washington’s. Europe’s lack of an independent policy means that the Russian government is hampered in its use of diplomacy.

Another Washington goal is to build up military forces on Russia’s borders.  NATO has used the “crisis” to stoke fear of Russia in the Baltics and in Poland.  Washington and NATO generals speak of Russian attacks as if it is a foregone conclusion that Russia intends to invade Eastern Europe.  To protect against the “Russian threat,” NATO has created a “quick reaction force” and is building up supplies of military equipment and new bases on Russia’s borders.  Whatever the outcome in Ukraine, Washington has used Ukraine to start a new Cold War.

The Western presstitute media, a collection of government propagandists, has misrepresented the situation in Ukraine from the beginning.  In place of news coverage, there has been propaganda against Russia.  Consequently, people who rely on such media sources are misinformed about Ukraine and place all of the blame on Russia.  The fact that the American people are misinformed makes it easy for Washington to continue to orchestrate events to Russia’s disadvantage.

Washington has no interest in resolving the troubles in Ukraine.   Washington has successfully used Ukraine to create fear of Russia, both in Europe and in the United States. Washington has successfully used Ukraine to damage European-Russian economic and political relations, and Washington has succeeded in starting a new Cold War that will keep profits flowing into the US military/security complex.

As the Kiev government is Washington’s puppet, there is no reason to expect a resolution of the conflict that Washington brought to Ukraine and to Russia.

It is not only Washington that rejects a resolution of the Ukrainian difficulties created by Washington, but also the EU. Washington’s puppet, Herman Van Rompuy, President of the European Council (a Washington front group) announced  that the European Union is imposing sanctions on the Russian energy firms Rosneft, Gazpromneft and Transneft, as well as state-run companies with turnover of more than $27 billion a year.

The Russian response to this audacity should be to turn off the gas in the winter without warning. All of it. As Putin’s interest is to separate Europe from Washington’s control, this would do it.  All of East and West Europe and Ukraine would be on their knees in Moscow begging for the energy to be turned back on.  All Putin would have to say is “only non-NATO members get gas.”

That would bring an end to Washington’s assault on Russia.

The American neoconservatives, a deranged cadre of short-sighted fearmongers, are denouncing Obama for his “weakness” for not sending troops to Ukraine.  These hawks, who are wholly financed by the industry which has been built around costly, oft-failed assertions of American military strength abroad, claim that Obama’s leadership has resulted in NATO losing its will and its muscle. 

It remains for the Russian government to demonstrate that all of the muscle over Ukraine and Europe resides in Moscow.

The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not reflect the official position of Sputnik.

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