NATO Prefers to Ignore Russian Efforts to Stabilize Situation in Ukraine

© Sputnik / Go to the mediabankA residential building in Horlivka, Southeastern Ukraine, shelled by the Ukrainian army
A residential building in Horlivka, Southeastern Ukraine,  shelled by the Ukrainian army - Sputnik International
According to Russian Foreign Ministry, NATO prefers to ignore Russia’s consistent efforts to stabilize the situation in Ukraine and fails to mention the Kiev government’s violations of reconciliation agreements and the use of heavy weaponry against civilians in the southeast of the country.

MOSCOW, November 17 (Sputnik) – NATO prefers to ignore the humanitarian crisis in eastern Ukraine and Moscow’s efforts to stabilize situation in the country, the Russian Foreign Ministry said Monday.

“Sadly, NATO prefers to demonstratively ignore Russia’s consistent efforts to stabilize the situation in Ukraine, as well as the worsening social and economic situation in the southeast of this country and its de-facto blockade by the Kiev government,” said Maria Zakharova, the deputy head of the ministry’s information and press department.

She added that the alliance also fails to mention the Kiev government’s violations of reconciliation agreements and the use of heavy weaponry against civilians.

Instead, NATO officials resort to "idle speculations" to justify Russian military involvement in the Ukrainian crisis to boost anti-Russian sentiments and justify its growing military presence near the Russian border, Zakharova added.

"We are convinced that responsible international players should avoid making statements and estimates that are not based on facts, even if they are guided by timeserving and narrow geopolitical interests," the official said.

On Friday NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg told Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera that the alliance had extensive evidence of the movement of Russian military equipment near Ukraine.

Relations between Russia and NATO have deteriorated amid the crisis in Ukraine. The alliance has repeatedly accused Russia of meddling in Ukraine's internal affairs, sending troops to Ukraine, and went as far as to claim that Moscow planned to invade Ukraine. However, none of these statements were supported with any evidence. On April 1, NATO ended all practical cooperation with Russia over Ukraine, only maintaining contacts at ambassadorial and higher levels.

Russia has repeatedly denied its role in the inner Ukrainian conflict. Russian Ministry of Defence has reaffirmed no Russian military equipment and ammunition has been provided to the independence supporters in eastern Ukraine.

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