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Ferguson Protests: Event Timeline

© AP Photo / Noah BergerA demonstrator holds a protest sign in Oakland
A demonstrator holds a protest sign in Oakland - Sputnik International
Protests in 90 US cities follow the announcement that a grand jury will not indict police officer Darren Wilson on any charges for his actions in the death of Michael Brown, an unarmed 18-year old African-American from Ferguson, MO.



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61 people were arrested during the protests in Ferguson, according to St. Louis County police's records, released early Tuesday.

St. Louis Mayor Francis Slay said 21 people were arrested in the city. 'The people that were committing violence, looting, smashing windows, that is not protest,' he said, the Guardian reports.

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“Violence will not be tolerated," NewsWeek cited Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon.

Meanwhile police car burning on the streets of Ferguson as violence continue.

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Police officer tore Mike Brown leaflet out of protestor's hands and tore it into 3 pieces.

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At least 13 people have been injured in St. Louis County as a result of the riots in Ferguson, Samantha Liss, St. Louis Post-Dispatch correspondent reported.

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University Police officer shot in the arm during the protests in Ferguson, NBC10 correspondent reports.

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Police fired tear gas at producer of RT TV channel (Ruptly) Lorena de la Cuesta during protests in Ferguson.

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Amnesty International has reported that its observers have been aimed at and gassed by riot police in the US city of Ferguson.

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Missouri Governor Jay Nixon on Tuesday called in more national guardsmen to Ferguson amid widespread unrest in the city.

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Police fired rubber bullets at protesters, according to reports.

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A group of demonstrators in Ferguson, Missouri attacked three journalists, the Guardian’s Washington correspondent Paul Lewis said in a Twitter post Tuesday.

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More than 29 people have been arrested in Ferguson tonight, according to reports.

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US President Barack Obama announced that the nation suffered from distrust between law enforcement and communities of color. - Sputnik International
Obama: US Still Faces Challenges in Race Relations
Demonstrators swarmed the streets of 90 US cities following the grand jury’s decision not to indict police officer Darren Wilson early Tuesday over the fatal shooting of an unarmed black teen Michael Brown, with more than 120 vigils planned, according to Daily Mail.

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Flights over Ferguson have benn restricted as violence erupts with demonstrators crashing cars and throwing Molotov cocktails at police. - Sputnik International
Flights Restricted Over Ferguson: US Federal Aviation Administration
US police must not employ immoderate force and must respect the peaceful protests taking place in Ferguson, Missouri subsequent a grand jury’s decision to not charge the police officer who shot Michael Brown, Amnesty International said in a Tuesday press release.

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An unconscious woman being carried by her family was taken to the police for help, all got fired upon and gassed.

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St. Louis County police chief: Dozen buildings burn, 'much worse' than worst August protests.

Meanwhile in NYC:

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Barack Obama called for peace after Ferguson grand jury decision:

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Major protests erupted in Ferguson late Monday when a grand jury found white police officer Darren Wilson not guilty in the death of unarmed African-American teenager Michael Brown, who he fatally shot in August.

Brown’s shooting triggered massive protests against police brutality in Ferguson and around the country, and was followed by violent clashes between protesters and police officers in Ferguson in August, leading Missouri Governor Jay Nixon to declare a state of emergency, while the FAA implemented a no-fly zone.

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