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Melville House Publishes Senate CIA Torture Report as Book

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Dennis Johnson, one of the founders of Melville House Publishing, called the CIA Torture Report "probably the most important government document of our generation, even one of the most significant in the history of our democracy” and announced the publishing of the report as an e-book and a paperbook.

The majority of Americans in a poll believe that torture of suspected terrorists is justified, a recent poll conducted by The Washington Post and ABC News in the wake of the CIA torture report revealed. - Sputnik International
Over Half of US Citizens Polled Can Justify Torture of Suspected Terrorists
WASHINGTON, December 30 (Sputnik) — The US Senate Intelligence Committee's 500-page report on CIA "enhanced interrogation" practices was released as an e-book and a paperback with a circulation of 50,000 copies by Melville House Publishing on Tuesday.

“We felt it was our duty to try and get this report out there to the widest possible audience," Dennis Johnson, one of the publishing company's founders said in a statement, calling the report "probably the most important government document of our generation, even one of the most significant in the history of our democracy.”

The lobby of the CIA Headquarters building in McLean, Virginia. - Sputnik International
UK Torture Program Involvement Likely Be Declassified in US First: Expert
On December 9, the US Senate Intelligence Committee issued a 500-page summary of the report, featuring investigation details into the CIA interrogation techniques applied to alleged al-Qaeda members in the period of George W. Bush's presidency. The report describes a wide range of CIA torture practices, such as waterboarding, mock executions, prolonged sleep deprivation, threat of sexual abuse, threats against family and other tactics.

In addition, it has been revealed that the CIA has not been fully informing the US public and authorities of the brutal nature of its interrogations. The full report of more than 6,000 pages is still classified.

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