ISIL, Hamas or Hezbollah Can Trigger WWIII If Not Dealt With

ISIL, Hamas or Hezbollah Can Trigger WWIII If not Dealt With
The darkest forces in the world are rising, Israeli publicist and political analyst Avigdor Eskin told Radio Sputnik, referring to Islamic extremists, as well as neo-Nazis in Ukraine.

Jihadists, including the Islamic State, Hamas and Hezbollah, could trigger World War III if the world does not deal with them, Israeli publicist and political analyst Avigdor Eskin told Radio Sputnik, warning they do not recognize or accept any other culture or lifestyle.

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Israeli Publicist Says US Can Help World By Going Home
The United States contributed to what is happening in the Middle East. Take Libya, for instance. "America moved there to bring peace and stability but look what goes on there instead. The country is divided into pieces and there is no control. Christians are getting slaughtered by the beast of ISIS," Eskin said.

The region is plagued by bloodshed that could potentially triple, the political analyst warned. And it was brought about by arrogance since "today we see that many American politicians have a feeling that they can do anything they want," according to the publicist. "America has to be more humble."
This is the prime reason for Israel to be cautious in dealing with the Obama administration on Iran, Eskin said. "It is not because of any kind of fanaticism or any kind of indoctrination, but rather because of a very sad practice and very sad experience," he explained.

A devastating worldwide conflict has not begun yet. "But by saying "not yet", we have to go on and say – okay, let's see how we prevent it from happening," Eskin urged. In the meantime, "the darkest representatives of the world evil are becoming stronger and are getting the support on the level of governments," he said, also referring to Kiev authorities that embraced the neo-Nazi ideology.

"We see the implementation of this ideology, when they just shoot at peaceful people living in Donetsk and Lugansk, when the Ukrainian army really indiscriminately tried to kill the civilians," the political analyst said.

The best way to tackle neo-Nazi resurgence is to admit that it is happening. "The European nations and the US have to admit that nothing can be said about the Ukrainian practices of Nazi ideology, except for that this is a horrible mistake made by the Ukrainian president and the Ukrainian prime minister now. They have to stop it. And I don’t think there should be any disagreements here between the Russians, the British and Americans," Eskin said.

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