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Dozens of Foreign Troops Disembark at Yemeni Aden Port - Reports

© REUTERS / Nabeel QuaitiSmoke rises from an arms depot at the Jabal Hadeed military compound in Yemen's southern port city of Aden
Smoke rises from an arms depot at the Jabal Hadeed military compound in Yemen's southern port city of Aden - Sputnik International
Dozens of foreign troops reportedly disembarked at the Yemeni Aden port hours after Houthi rebels advanced into the southern Yemeni city.

Earlier Saudi-led coalition which has been trying to stop Houthi advances said it controls the waters around Aden.

"The number of troopers who landed in the Yemeni Aden port is unknown, but we are talking about dozens. They were covered by several airplanes. They disembarked from Saudi and Egyptian ships," Ahmad Al-Shami, a member of Ansar Allah movement, told Sputnik.

"If it is preparation for the ground operation, we would meet them with fire," he added.

Member of the Houthi political council Daifullah Shami also confirmed to Sputnik that the foreign soldiers had disembarked from Saudi and Egyptian vessels.

As the fighting in the city of Aden continues, conflicting media reports are emerging with officials loyal to Hadi denying the information that foreign ground troops had disembarked at the port.

"All ships carrying humanitarian aid forbidden to approach the coast of Yemen, the airspace is also closed," he noted.

A member of Ansar Allah suggested two explanations why the foreign troops disembarked in Aden.

"The first one, the most welcome for us, is that soldiers landed to protect and to evacuate their citizens from Aden. The second one is that they are really preparing for a ground operaion, but we are ready to repel any attack," Ahmad Al-Shami said.

The Houthis control almost everything in Aden except for oil refineries and road junction that are controlled by the Yemeni government forces, he said.

Earlier Thursday fightings between Houthi rebels and forces loyal to President Hadi have intensified in the Yemeni Aden port. Bodies were lying in the street, according to eyewitnesses. Meanwhile, at least 44 people were killed, including 18 civilians, as fierce fighting continues in the area.

Last week, an international coalition headed by Saudi Arabia launched a military operation against Houthi positions in Yemen following a request for military support from Yemeni President Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi.

The Houthis have recently taken control of the Yemeni capital Sanaa, forcing the elected president to flee the country, and making rapid advances into other cities.

Foreign countries and international organizations, including the United Nations, have been evacuating their citizens and staff from Yemen amid the intensified conflict.

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