Hoist by Its Own Petard: Washington Rapidly Losing Its Global Dominance

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Washington has obviously failed to bring Russia to its knees, F. William Engdahl stressed, adding that US oligarchy has ultimately found themselves "hoist with their own petard."

The recent visit of US Secretary of State John Kerry to Sochi indicated that Washington has seemingly realized the stupidity of its provocations against Russia, American German economic researcher and historian F. William Engdahl pointed out, adding that the US, once an unchallenged sole superpower is rapidly losing its global influence.

"Far from reacting as a helpless victim and cowering in fear before the US efforts to isolate Russia, Putin initiated a brilliant series of foreign economic, military and political initiatives that by April added up to the seed crystal of a new global monetary order and a new Eurasian economic colossus to rival US sole superpower hegemony. He challenged the very foundations of the US-dominated dollar system and her global world order everywhere from India to Brazil to Cuba to Greece to Turkey," the historian stressed.

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US architects of the financial warfare have blown themselves with their own bomb when they decided to drop oil prices in order to deliver heavy pain in the Russian finances, he noted. Although Saudi Arabia, Washington's closest ally in the Middle East hailed the idea to deal a severe blow to both Russia and Iran, the monarchy's "central aim was to kill the US shale oil rivals," F. William Engdahl elaborated.

"By end of December a chain-reaction series of shale oil bankruptcies threatened to detonate a new financial tsunami at a time the carnage from the 2007-2008 securitization financial crisis was anything but resolved," he underscored, noting "the US oil strategy had inflicted far more damage on the US than on Russia."

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And not only that, the researcher noted, adding that Washington's "brilliant total war strategy" over Ukraine has as well ended ingloriously. America's sanctions policy pushed Russia into China's warm embrace, and prompted Moscow to redirect its energy strategy from the West "where the EU and Ukraine, both under strong Washington pressure, had sabotaged Russian EU gas deliveries via Ukraine," the researcher pointed out.

Furthermore, while the EU was licking its wounds after its sanctions against Russia boomeranged, Moscow boosted its cooperation with Beijing and jumped at the opportunity to launch a new project aiming to integrate the China Silk Road railway infrastructure with Russia's Eurasian Economic Union.

"In short, by the point John Kerry was told to swallow hard and fly to Sochi, hat in hand, to offer some kind of peace pipe to Putin, US leading circles, the American Oligarchs had realized their aggressive neo-conservative war hawks like Victoria "F**k the EU" Nuland of the State Department and Defense Secretary Ash Carter were propelling the creation of a new alternative world structure that could spell the ruin of the entire post-Bretton Woods Washington-dominated Dollar System. Oops," F. William Engdahl emphasized with unconcealed sarcasm.

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The whole world is currently considering Russia and its leader the symbol of resistance to Washington's dominance, he emphasized.

However, it is clear that neither Moscow, nor Beijing will ever again leave themselves at the mercy of an "incalculable" global hegemon. So far, Kerry's political gesture will not trigger a second Russia "reset."

"The US Oligarchy, as Shakespeare's Hamlet put it, is being "hoist with their own petard," as the bomb maker blows himself up with his own bomb," F. William Engdahl concluded.

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