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Frexit: France's National Front Party Calls for Referendum on EU Membership

© AP PhotoFrance’s far-right National Front
France’s far-right National Front - Sputnik International
France's far-right National Front party is following the UK lead by calling for an In-Out referendum on its membership of the European Union and will make it a plank in its 2017 presidential election campaign.
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Euroscepticism has been on the rise in recent years in France, with the fiercely anti-European National Front party polling over five million in the March local elections, winning 62 seats, against the two it won in the last round.

Florian Philippot, the party's deputy head, has called on President Francois Hollande to "follow the British example" and "follow the calendar outlined by our neighbours across The Channel."

He said that UK Prime Minister David Cameron — who is on a whistle-stop tour of the Netherlands, France, Poland and Germany — had used the call for a UK In-Out referendum to "put himself in a powerful position to demand real reforms."

French Disillusion over EU 

Public opinion in France is moving against the EU. A survey by CSA last year revealed that only 51 percent of French people want their country to remain a member of the EU and that 70 percent were disillusioned with the institution because of its failure to help stem rising unemployment in France.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel, left walks with British Prime Minister David Cameron. - Sputnik International
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French daily newspaper Le Figaro, reported 62 percent of French people would vote 'No' to the EU constitution again, if they were asked the same question as 10 years ago. It found that 62 percent of people want France to have full control over its budgetary and fiscal policy and 60 percent want to quit the Schengen Agreement on a borderless Europe.

Philippot's original tweet on the referendum has been trending nicely along with the hashtag #Frexit. 

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