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British Blogger Takes Pride in Refusing to Defend His Claims on MH17 Crash

© Sputnik / Igor Maslov / Go to the mediabankDutch and Malaysian experts visit site of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 plane crash
Dutch and Malaysian experts visit site of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 plane crash - Sputnik International
The MH17 crash investigation has been marred by countless speculations as to what really happened, with the West eager to pin the blame for the tragedy that claimed 298 lives on Russia.

MH17 – Forensic Analysis of Satellite Images by Bellingcat - Sputnik International
Exposed: Russian Blogger Cuts British Online Investigators Down to Size
A May report produced by British online investigative group Bellingcat is a fine case in point.

The group, headed by Eliot Higgins, accused Russia's Ministry of Defense of falsifying satellite images released after the MH17 crash. Then a well-known Russian blogger debunked the Bellingcat revelations, exposing the incompetence of the so-called investigators.

RT TV channel decided to invite Higgins to discuss Billingcat's "findings." Instead of jumping at the opportunity to share his views or politely declining to participate in the show, Higgins opted for firing a barrage of sarcasm and insults at the channel and specifically In the Now host Anissa Naouai.

Have a look.

Higgins took to Twitter after receiving an email from RT. He posted a video of a Homer Simpson interview to communicate an idea of the heavy editing RT would surely engage in after talking to the self-described citizen investigative journalist.

For how could one possibly find truth on a channel like RT, right? Irony intended.

Anissa Naouai was prepared for this, asking Higgins to do an interview live so that editing would not be an issue. Higgins responded that he had "plenty of time to express my views on other media without having to resort to appearing on Russia Today," which still is not a very strong argument.

A Twitter user asked Higgins to reconsider, it did not work either. Just to make sure, so is it a time issue or something else? We did not quite get it.

Apparently, this was not enough. He once again refused, tweeting "I don't do appearances on Russian government owned propaganda channels."

Higgins did not leave reports of a Russian blogger debunking the Billingcat report without a comment, albeit a rude one.

The British blogger also challenged Naouai to retweet a link to the Billingcat report, probably expecting the RT host to ignore it for some unknown reasons. Her response was perfect.

And then there was this unfounded but beloved Western accusation that RT, like any other media that offers an alternative to the mainstream Western narrative, does not do "real journalism." When no sound argument is available, there is always this one.

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