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NATO, EU to Face Variety of Threats in Near Future – Czech Military Docs

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NATO troops - Sputnik International
The near future is threatening NATO and the EU with conflicts, cyberattacks, and competition for resources.

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The Czech Republic and the European Union will face serious threats in the next 20 years, Ceske Noviny said on Wednesday citing the national security council’s document.

On Monday, the Czech government will discuss the document that outlines a strategy for the Armed Forces’ development. The paper lists the main threats to the Czech Republic and its NATO and EU allies.

The looming instability will be caused by the growing number of clashes due to political and economic reasons, and these conflicts will pose a direct menace to Prague’s allies.

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The document estimates that non-European states will boost their military budgets which will enable them to intensify the adoption of the most advanced combat technologies.

The experts warn that the mass media will be used for information and hybrid warfare.

The near future will see a growing demand for water and energy resources. All countries will strive to gain preferential access to them and secure control over their delivery routes.

The document predicts that Europe will have to vie with China and other South Asian states for the resources from the Middle East, Russia, Africa and Central Asia. “Potentially, a decrease of supplies from Russia may be expected,” the document noted.

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It also names cyberattacks and the rapidly growing population of emerging nations as a source of instability.

The Czech Army must be prepared to conduct a wide range of operations and react timely to unexpected events in the world. It must be ready to operate abroad together with the allies.

The NATO and EU troops should learn to wage large-scale campaigns and act flexibly and quickly, the document concludes.

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