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The Catch of a Lifetime: Mystery Creature Wows Fishermen in Northern Russia

Fishermen in northern Russia's Arkhangelsk region have reportedly managed to reel in a mutant fish, which features what resembles the head of a brontosaurus.

The reconstruction of a filter-feeding Aegirocassis benmoulae from the Ordovician Period feeding on a plankton cloud is shown in this artist rendering released to Reuters on March 10, 2015 - Sputnik International
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A mutant fish with a brontosaurus head and fossilized scales has unexpectedly been caught by fishermen in northern Russia's Arkhangelsk region, Russian media reported.

The bizarre creature, which also has huge needle-like barbs and a sucker-like snout, was caught near a ferry line in Bereznik-Osinovo in the Vinogradovsky district, according to the local news website 29.ru.

Upon meticulously studying the photos of similar species on the Internet, the fishermen failed to find any references to what they had caught.

At the same time, they found out that such species as the sea hare and the monkfish shared some of its features.

Local journalists have, meanwhile, recalled that last summer saw fishermen from the Vinogradovsky district manage to land a fish featuring human teeth.

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