Proposed EU-US Trade Deal to Jeopardize Democracy, Society - Spanish Party

© Flickr / Global Justice NowAnti-TTIP demonstration
Anti-TTIP demonstration - Sputnik International
EU-US trade deal is democratic, "social and ecological danger" and it goes "against the consumers’ and workers’ rights," a spokesman for Spain’s green party Equo told Sputnik Tuesday.

MOSCOW (Sputnik) — The proposed Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) EU-US trade deal threatens democracy, society and the environment, Florent Marcellesi said.

"Treaties like the TTIP are democratic, social and ecological dangers. They are antidemocratic because they’re done without transparency, without reckoning with the people, they go against the consumers’ and workers’ rights and they’re an economic danger because they don’t keep the climate change in mind," Marcellesi added.

He also noted, however, that his party was not entirely against a deal with the United States.

"We want just, ethical and cooperative trade between the United States and the European Union," Marcellesi said, adding that TTIP gives too much power to multinational corporations.

Protest against TTIP and CETA - Sputnik International
European Parliament Finally Wakes Up to Toxic TTIP Stitch-Up
The TTIP’s stated goal is to ease the flow of goods and services across the Atlantic. The agreement has received extensive criticism in Europe for being negotiated in secrecy.

To date, almost 2.3 million Europeans have signed an online petition against the agreement, citing fears that it would benefit corporations at the expense of sovereign nations and local consumers.

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