Say What? Obama: 'We're Training ISIL'

In a colossal slip during a press briefing, US President Barack Obama says the US is training fighters of the self-proclaimed Islamic State.

The comments were made during a press briefing about the ongoing efforts to wipe out the terror group's influence in the Middle East. 

Approaching the subject with the seriousness it deserves, Obama goes on to commit what may be the most embarrassing political blunder: "We're speeding up training of ISIL forces, including volunteers from Sunni tribes in the Anbar province." What's more, the president's stern expression and serious tone as he continues his address indicate that he was completely unaware of the error. 

The transcript of the speech even left the original quote, only placing the word 'Iraqi' in parenthesis after ISIL. While it seems clear the president intended to pledge support to ground forces in Syria and Iraq instead of ISIL, many are beginning to wonder whether the comment was a simple error or a Freudian slip. 


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