Start the Press: Russian Academic Launches DIY Course in Making 3D Printer

© Photo : Tomsk State UniversityThe 3D Printer made at home by radiophysics lecturer Nikolai Bulatov
The 3D Printer made at home by radiophysics lecturer Nikolai Bulatov - Sputnik International
A lecturer in Quantum Electronics at Russia's Tomsk State University will begin teaching a course, '3D-printing – in every home,' online this autumn, in which he instructs participants on how to make their own printer at home.

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A researcher at Tomsk State University who made his own 3D printer in just three days is ready to share his experience with students in a course he will start teaching online this autumn, which will make it possible for like-minded tinkerers to have a 3D printer at home.

Nikolai Bulatov, a lecturer in the university's Faculty of Radiophysics, explains that he first got the idea to make the printer in his free time, while pursuing his passion for technology.

"Insofar as 3D-printing is a very interesting and up-and-coming technology, there are a lot of sites and videos. And I decided to have a go as well."

"We waited for the necessary parts for a few weeks, but the printer itself we put together and calibrated in just three evenings."

Bulatov acknowledges that the task may sound daunting to the uninitiated, but seeks to reassure prospective students:

"It's only at the beginning that the assembly of a 3D-printer seems to be something cosmically complex. When you get down to work, it turns out that it really isn't." 

"The aim of my online course is likewise to explain just how simple everything is, and that every student can also try putting together their own 3D printer at home."

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"Along the way I will also be explaining what trends exist in 3D printing, how to create your own models for the printer, and lots of other things." 

The online course could be just the beginning of Bulahov's efforts to bring 3D printing to every home; depending on the success of the online version, the academic says he may also put together a campus course on the subject.

Bulatov took his own home-made printer to his laboratory at work, where he uses it to make parts for research on lasers at Tomsk University's Department of Quantum Electronics and Photonics.

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