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China’s Media Slams US Interventions in Middle East, Africa

© AP Photo / Marco Di LauroA comprehensive 1,176-page Military Manual covering the Law of War was published on Friday, the US Department of Defense announced in a statement
A comprehensive 1,176-page Military Manual covering the Law of War was published on Friday, the US Department of Defense announced in a statement - Sputnik International
The world community shares the opinion that the US’ actions were a significant reason for the current influx of refugees in Europe. Washington’s neo interventionism has led to terrible consequences, China’s official press agency Xinhua net wrote.

Neo interventionism appeared after the Cold War as there was a serious imbalance of international power. The United States became the only powerful country and neo interventionism became the new direction of American foreign policy.

Under the pretext of defending the principles of humanity, democracy and the western values system, the Western countries led by the United States have used force in different countries.

Neo interventionism is causing serious harm to the peace and stability of the global world order. The change of power through military intervention in the internal affairs of other countries violates the basic objectives of the United Nations and the principle of non-interference, as well as undermines the international order based on the above principle, Xinhua net elaborated.

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Washington is not as noble as it positions itself to be. The true intention of the White House is to achieve world domination and create a global model where only the Americans are in control.

Since the beginning of the new century, major victims of neo interventionism have been Asia and North Africa. In 2004, the United States officially put forward the ‘Greater Middle East’ plan, where they try to reorganize the state of the region and neighboring countries with the norms of Western democracy and values. Their attempts have faced resistance so far.

The US, along with some European allies, keeps adding insult to injury by constantly interfering in the affairs of the region, further aggravating the tensions in these areas, China’s media elaborated.

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As a result of the change of power and prolonged unrest, extremist groups such as Islamic State have strengthened their foothold, leaving millions of local residents homeless.

“Even more startling is that Washington first with its neo interventionism destabilizes the country, and then pulls out from the created confusion and chaos.”

Following the damage they did in the recent Middle East crisis, hundreds of thousands of refugees started flooding into Europe, but even then the United States remained indifferent to their misfortune.

Gross interferences in the internal affairs of other countries under the pretext of protecting humanity have led to a terrible humanitarian catastrophe — the refugee crisis in Europe.

In the West people have started to rethink the source of this crisis, but so far they have failed to reach a consensus. “The US and its Western allies have to reflect on their actions and change the policy of ‘reconstruction’ of other countries through the arbitrary interference in their internal affairs, otherwise they will not only hurt others, but dig themselves into a hole,” Xinhua Net concluded.

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