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Germans No Longer Believe Anti-Russian Propaganda - German Publicist

© Sputnik / Vladimir Pesnya / Go to the mediabankView of the Ivan the Great Belfry and the Moscow Kremlin's palaces and churches from the roof of the Lenin Russian State Library, Moscow
View of the Ivan the Great Belfry and the Moscow Kremlin's palaces and churches from the roof of the Lenin Russian State Library, Moscow - Sputnik International
There is growing discontent in Germany over the fact that the country’s government policy is dictated by the US. Germans oppose the biased attitude towards Russia and want Germany to pursue a more balanced and independent policy, German writer Christoph Herstel said.

Long-term US strategy in Europe is aimed at creating conditions for provoking conflict with Russia. In this regard, Washington is doing everything to embroil Berlin and Moscow, according to a German writer and government consultant Christoph Herstel.

However, many Germans view this course as harmful and think that it may damage German and European interests. Forty thousand German citizens have signed a petition to the federal government against the deployment of British and American bases in Germany.

"The fear among Germans is increasing every day because people are closely watching the US policy. And what do they see? Support for ISIL and the desire to start a conflict with Russia. But no one here wants this conflict, everyone wants friendly relations. This is why I developed this petition and call for the withdrawal of US and British troops from Germany on my Facebook page," Christophe Herstel told Radio Sputnik.

The star on the Spasskaya Tower of the Moscow Kremlin - Sputnik International
German Media Waging War Against Russia - Magazine
According to the German journalist, the central task of the US is to prevent the development and strengthening of relations between Russia and Germany, what would be beneficial for “backstage forces” and “the global mafia network of concerns”. Thus Germany may get involved in a war against Russia against its own will if it continues to follow the course dictated by the United States.

However, the journalist argues, German residents are already beginning to "wake up from their sleep," and the dissatisfaction with the current governmental course is growing.

"Germans are becoming increasingly aware that Germany is losing its sovereignty. Our media incites people against Russia, as if they were sponsored by Washington. But Germans no longer believe in this nonsense and do not want to read it," Herstel said.

"Cultural and political changes are starting to take place in Germany, dissatisfaction with the government is growing. We do not want biased policy against Russia any longer. Russia does not deserve it, and so doesn’t Europe,” the journalist concluded.

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