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What Does Russian Pilots’ Anti-ISIL Survival Kit Contain? (VIDEO)

© Photo : Youtube/ RTRussian pilots’ anti-ISIS survival kit in Syria
Russian pilots’ anti-ISIS survival kit in Syria - Sputnik International
With ISIL jihadists vowing to attack the Russian base in Latakia, security and safety come first on every level. If worst comes to worst the pilots at least have a small survival kit.

A Russian aircraft on a sortie to carry out targeted airstrikes on ISIS infrastructure in Syria - Sputnik International
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The survival kit itself is located under the ejection seat of the pilot. RT's correspondent took a look at a survival kit in case there's an emergency with a warplane.

Inside there are several items, such as a self-inflating raft in case the pilot lands in water, equipped with a self-inflating radio beacon so that the pilot can be found.

A signal flare launcher with cartridges for it can light up the sky for search and rescue teams and to protect himself, the pilot has sharp machete.

For energy the pilot can depend on sugar or glucose essential for energy, as well as salt in case the pilot comes upon meat for food he can use the salt to disinfect it.

Additionally, the kit has a small supply of water.

Following a request from Syria's legitimate government, Russia launched a multinational aerial campaign aimed at assisting Damascus-led forces in their fight against a four-and-a-half-year old insurgency in the country.

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