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Russian Tu-95 Bombers Launch Cruise Missiles on ISIL HQ in Syria's Idlib

© AP Photo / Russian Defense MinistryRussian Tu-95 bomber launches a cruise missile at a target in Syria
Russian Tu-95 bomber launches a cruise missile at a target in Syria - Sputnik International
Russian Tu-95MS strategic bombers launched 12 cruise missiles targeting terrorist fuel depots, ISIL headquarters in Syria's Idlib, Russia's General Staff said Thursday.

"Tu-95 bombers launched a total of 12 cruise missiles destroying ISIL headquarters in Idlib, three fuel and arms depots, as well as a command post," Chief of the Main Operational Directorate of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces Andrei Kartapolov said.

Russia's Tu-22M3 bombers launched six terrorist targets in the Raqqa and Deir ez-Zor provinces, including three oil refineries on territory controlled by ISIL, an ammunition depot and mortar repair facility, the general added.

"Over the past 24 hours, Russian aviation Tu-160, Tu-22M3 jets have carried out 126 sorties from the territory of the Russian Federation."

Kartapolov said that Russian strategic bombers carried out a third massive strike on terrorist targets in Syria.

"The Russian Aerospace Forces have continued to launch massive airstrikes on terrorists according to the plan of its air campaign."

Kartapolov said that Russian aviation had already destroyed 138 terrorist targets and carried out 60 sorties so far on Thursday by 5 p.m. Moscow time, while Russian jets plan to conduct a total of 98 sorties on 190 targets.

"As of 05.00 p.m. Moscow time [14:00 GMT], 60 sorties have been conducted from the Hmeymim airbase; 138 targets have been destroyed."

Islamic State militants confirm that three ISIL field commanders were destroyed in Russia's airstrikes in Syria's Aleppo, according to Kartapolov.

Islamic State militants - Sputnik International
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ISIL is currently suffering major losses in manpower due to Moscow's military operation in the Syrian Arab Republic, Russia's General Staff said Thursday.

Russia's General Staff unveiled the names of some ISIL leaders eliminated in Russia's strikes in Syria.

Russia's massive airstrikes have disrupted terrorist groups' control over militants in Syria as come field commanders refuse to follow orders, Kartapolov said.

"[Terrorists'] massive losses have completely disrupted the militants' command in Homs. We've noted cases of direct refusal to follow orders."

"For example, field commander with nom-de-guerre Abu Hussan has refused to deploy his group near the northern Homs town of Talbiseh," Kartapolov said.

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