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Russian Su-24 Downed Over Syria With Air-to-Air Missile From Turkish F-16

© Flickr / UK Ministry of DefenceTurkish Air Force F-16
Turkish Air Force F-16 - Sputnik International
Russian Su-24 bomber jet was downed with air-to-air missiles from the Turkish F-16 plane, Russian president Vladimir Putin said during the meeting with king of Jordan Abdullah II.

"Our plane was downed over Syria with air-to-air missile launched by Turkish F-16 jet. It fell on the Syrrian terrritory 4 kilometers away from the Turkish border. The plane was flying at an altitude of 6,000 meters 1 kilometer away from the border with Turkey when it was attacked. Anyway, our pilots and our aircraft posed no threat to the Turkish Republic," Putin said.

The Russian Su-24 Fencer bomber aircraft downed in Syria was directly participating in the fight against the Islamic State, carrying out preemptive strikes against the terrorists, Russia’s President Vladimir Putin said.

"They were carrying out a mission against ISIL in northern Latakia – it is a mountainous region where militants concentrate, most of them recruits from Russia. In that regard the pilots were carrying out their primary objective by launching preemptive strikes against terrorists who could return to Russia. Those are the people who definitely can be considered international terrorists," Putin said during a meeting with King Abdullah II of Jordan.

The Russian jet crashed in Syria earlier on Tuesday with two pilots on board. The plane was most likely downed by a ground missile, according to the Russian Defense Ministry.

According to initial ministry information, both pilots were able to eject from the airplane. Their current condition and whereabouts have not been released.

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