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Syria is Getting the Best Air Defense Missile System Ever

© Sputnik / Mihail Mokrushin / Go to the mediabankS-400 Triumf anti-aircraft system
S-400 Triumf anti-aircraft system - Sputnik International
The Russian air force in Syria will be protected by the most powerful and advanced air defense system in the world, when it deploys its S-400 missile system to the Hmeymim airbase there.

Syria will have a comprehensive air defence after Russia deploys its S-400 missile systems to the Hmeymim airbase there, a security analyst and US Navy veteran Mark Sleboda told Sputnik.

​"It is a significant upgrade on the S-300, which was a much earlier system. The S-400 came out at the end of the Soviet period, but there have been significant upgrades in recent years." 

S-400 Triumph air defense system - Sputnik International
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"It is widely regarded by experts as the most powerful and technologically advanced air defence system in the world," and its deployment in Syria sends a powerful statement, said Sleboda.

"This is a very powerful defensive statement from Russia … very soon there will be a quite effective Russian no-fly zone over almost the entirety of Syrian territory, certainly covering all west of Syria, and very far towards the eastern border."

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The deployment of S-400 is in addition to the Pantsir-S1 air defence missile-gun system the Russian air force already had at its disposal at the Hmeymim airbase, while the Moskva guided missile cruiser was already in the area.

"There wasn't really a need for them (the more powerful S-400 system)," said Sleboda.

"ISIL, of course, doesn't have an air force. They were simply a standard military precaution for an air mission. But now with the threat of NATO planes taking down Russian jets out of the air, that suddenly becomes a very real necessity."

On Wednesday the Russian defence ministry announced that the S-400 defence missile system will be deployed to its air base in Syria.

It can destroy tactical ballistic missiles at a range of up to 60 km, and air targets including cruise missiles and aircraft flying at a speed of up to 4800 meters a second, and a distance of up to 250 km. The S-400 is also capable of tracking and launching against most stealth technology.

© SputnikThe S-400 Triumf Mobile Multiple Anti-Aircraft Missile System (AAMS)
Syria is Getting the Best Air Defense Missile System Ever - Sputnik International
The S-400 Triumf Mobile Multiple Anti-Aircraft Missile System (AAMS)
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