US Refuses to Disclose Information on Who Fired at Su-24 Pilot From Ground

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Russia’s defense ministry claimed that the Su-24 pilot died because of an attack from the ground when he was landing, adding that during a rescue operation, the Russian marine was also killed.

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The Pentagon refused to comment on Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ spokeswoman Maria Zakharova’s claim that the US is aware of those who shot on the ejecting Su 24 pilot.

On Thursday, Zakharova said that Moscow “has all grounds to suggest that the US has obtained the exact data” about the people “who were firing from the land on the Russian pilot.”

“We don’t have anything on this issue,” the US Defense Ministry representative told Ria Novosti.

SU-24 bomber - Sputnik International
Turkey ‘Ambushed’ Russian Su-24 to Protect Its 'Proxies' in Syria
On Tuesday, a Russian Su-24 bomber jet was shot down by an air-to-air missile of Turkish F-16 jet over Syria and fell 4 kilometers from the Turkish border. Russian General Staff claimed that the bomber didn’t cross the country’s border and this data was confirmed by intelligence from the Syrian anti-aircraft defense forces.

Ankara is standing on the position that the Russian plane violated Turkish airspace.

According to the Russian Defense Ministry, the Su-24 pilot died because he was attacked from the ground while landing. The marine was also killed in the course of a rescue operation.

The jet’s air navigator, who ejected from the crashing plane, was eventually rescued.

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