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‘Dude, Show Up to Work’: Christie Attacks Rubio for Missing Major Votes

© REUTERS / Steve NesiusChris Christie
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Republican presidential hopeful and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is blasting rival Senator Marco Rubio for missing the vote on a $1.8 trillion spending and tax package while he was out campaigning for the presidency.

Rubio had been outspoken against the bill, even going as far as to threaten to block it, yet didn’t bother showing up at the Senate on December 18 when votes were cast.

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“[Rubio] matters as much as I do, and I don’t have a vote in the Senate. He has one and didn’t go,” Christie said at a town hall event in Iowa. “Only in Washington could you have the guts to say I’m against something that you have a vote to vote ‘no’ on and then just not go and then put out a press release after it gets passed to say, ‘this is why I was opposed to it’.”

Christie then demanded that if Rubio can’t fulfill his duties in Senate he should just quit.

“Well, dude, show up to work and vote no, right?” Christie said. “Just show up to work and vote no, and if you don’t want to, then quit.”

He also blasted Rubio for missing an important intelligence briefing, something which other GOP presidential hopefuls have also been hammering on the senator for.

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“Sand glowing — that’s tough talk right?” Christie said. “So you say maybe this is the guy we need, because he’s tough. Except this past summer when he had an opportunity to give our intelligence community all the tools they needed to connect the dots and keep us safe he took tools away from them…. So does it matter what you say or what you do? See, this is the problem, and this is what I want you to think about when you go to caucus on February 1.”

Christie also sought to distinguish his role as a governor from his senate competition, saying that senators don’t even really do anything and have few responsibilities, making him more qualified for the job.

“By definition, they do nothing,” Christie said. “They go to Washington and they vote. They’re one of 100. Lots of good men and women there but they’re not responsible for anything.”

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