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German Chancellor Angela Merkel is a sincere and professional person, and the level of trust between Germany and Russia is very high, Russian President Vladimir Putin said.

MOSCOW (Sputnik) — Moscow and Berlin have seen a deterioration of relations over Ukraine’s internal conflict which escalated in 2014.

"I feel the same way now. I have already said that she is very sincere and highly professional. In any case, I think the level of trust between us is very high," Putin told Germany's Bild newspaper.

Since 2014, the European Union has introduced several rounds of anti-Russia sanctions, accusing Moscow of interfering in the Ukrainian crisis — a claim Moscow has repeatedly denied.

Anti-Russia Media Propaganda Failed to Undermine Moscow-Berlin Relations

Anti-Russia propaganda in Western media failed to undermine relations between Moscow and Berlin, said Russian President Vladimir Putin.

"Our relations are based, most importantly, on mutual sympathy between our people," Putin told Germany's Bild newspaper, adding that the relations have hardly changed to the worse.

Putin said that Western media attempts to spoil the relations using "anti-Russian propaganda" failed.

"In Germany, there is a high influence on media, especially from overseas."

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The Russian leader recalled that Russian-German relations reached their high level back in 2005, when the bilateral turnover reached more than $80 billion. He added also that a lot of bilateral work had been done, thousands of workplaces had been created.

Putin stressed also that such level of cooperation prompted the German businessmen to engage with the Russian companies, and gave birth to thousands of merges, joint companies and projects.

Putin highlighted that despite the fact that recently mutual turnover between Germany and Russia fell by almost 50 percent, the relations are still developing. The two sides keep on holding bilateral negotiations and jointly participate in various international talks and meetings, for instance, on Ukraine’s reconciliation and Iran's nuclear deal.

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