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Strange Bedfellows: Militants in Oregon Standoff Recruit Daesh Supporter

© DefendYourBaseDavid Fry, an Oregon militia computer expert
David Fry, an Oregon militia computer expert - Sputnik International
American extremists occupying the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in Oregon have reportedly recruited a Daesh (ISIL) sympathizer who hacked a government computer to create a rudimentary website for the group.

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Ammon Bundy’s militia group appeared to be using Department of the Interior computers installed at the occupied refuge for their online access, according to a video posted by one of the militants, Oregon Public Broadcasting (OPB) reported.

David Fry, featured in the YouTube clip, is reportedly a recent-hire computer expert for the armed militia. He claims he hacked a work-around of the password protection on the computers so the militants can now access the Internet.

Fry explained that he used a flash drive with Linux to run tools that could get access to the government computers, bypassing the passwords, according to the Washington Times.

“I am using any computer I can use,” Fry said to Oregon Public Broadcasting. “Their data is perfectly preserved … you can’t access any of that, it’s got encryption on it.”

The self-described cyber-specialist has confessed to OPB that he knows only “a little bit” about computers. In his own words, Fry joined the militants recently, arriving to Oregon from Ohio through a “winter storm.”

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“It was [a] miracle, that I got here,” Fry pointed out. “I’ve had quarrels with the government myself, and I feel there has to be some point where people have to put their foot down against the problems.”

OPB has revealed that before joining the militia in Oregon Fry repeatedly made anti-Semitic, homophobic, and pro-Nazi posts, as well as pro-Daesh posts on his social media.

“ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS IS FOR ISIS TO NUKE ISRAELHELL![sic]” Fry posted to his Facebook page in November, as reported.

"obama needs to be hung after being found guilty for TREASON!! He is a arming the enemy of the united states! [sic]" he wrote commenting on media reports suggesting Daesh gets its weapons from the US.

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He also accused Jews of plotting conspiracy “against the free world” and facilitating global nuclear meltdowns.

“One week before Fukushima happened, an Israeli security team installing security equipment was there at Fukushima,” Fry declared.

Fry later deleted most of his posts, claiming it’s impossible to be simultaneously a Daesh supporter and a “Hitler acolyte.”

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