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VROOOM! Russian Builds Homemade Off Roader From Mothballed Lada

© Photo : YouTube/AndreyT-210099
T-210099 - Sputnik International
The severe cold spell motivated a resident of the Russian Siberian city of Omsk to transform his Soviet-made car into an off-road vehicle, the French TV channel TF1 reported.

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Severe frost certainly played its role in a decision by Andrey, a resident of the Russian Siberian city of Omsk, to build an off roader made from his mothballed Lada Samara car, according to the French TV channel TF1.

The TV channel explained that Russia is a country with extreme climate conditions, and that severe winters are a common occurrence in Siberia, including in Omsk.

Andrey made the decision to deal with the winter weather by creating a home-brewed off roader to drive through the snow.

© Photo : steer.ru T-210099
T-210099 - Sputnik International

It took him a month and a half to complete the assembly of the T-210099, which he said has a speed of 65 kilometers per hour and which consumes only 16 liters of fuel per 100 kilometers.

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"I previously worked as a mechanic, and I had lots of old spare parts at home, from which I assembled the new vehicle," Andrey said.

He explained that he used the body of his Lada Samara, manufactured back in 1990, as well as parts of the Soviet-made cars UAZ and Moskvitch.

The Lada Samara is a small family car, produced by Soviet/Russian carmaker AvtoVAZ under the Lada brand since 1984. The Samara had been modified and restyled during its years of production before finally being discontinued in December 2013.

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