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Provocative US Anti-China Bill Sends ‘Vindictive Signal’

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Tiananmen Square in Beijing, China - Sputnik International
The US Senate has approved a controversial bill aimed to rename a plaza in Washington DC for jailed Chinese dissident and Nobel peace prize winner Liu Xiaobo.

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Moreover, the plaza in question is situated in front of the Chinese embassy. The embassy itself already has called the move counterproductive and warned Washington against such steps.

Meanwhile, unnamed sources told Reuters that the bill is a tit-for-tat deal that led Senator Ted Cruz to stop blocking President Barack Obama's diplomatic nominations.

Radio Sputnik discussed the issue in an exclusive interview with an expert in US-China relations Ann Lee.

“China is a hot topic in Washington and this is sort of a new political low because this political trading is common in Washington, usually it is trading favors over policies but trading political favors over people is a new low in American politics.”

She further said that their actions are no different than, “if China erected a statue of Ed Snowden in front of the US embassy in Beijing. I think this is very counterproductive and its truly small minded and vindictive signal that they are sending to other nations.”

Talking about whether this plaza will actually be renamed, the expert said that she can’t say definitely because the Obama administration has to sign the bill and if it does pass someone can rename later. But just the idea of such a bill is already sending a message to the Chinese that Washington is still being very hostile and is not trying to find common ground, an anathema for diplomatic relations.

“The US certainly has individuals that they redeem enemies of the state just like any other countries would this is truly about the political positions and that analogy is very similar. I wouldn’t say that there is a big difference between Snowden or Chelsea Manning or putting Julian Assange’s name on something.”

She further said that this comes down to political horse trading which is done behind closed doors and people are not aware of this as much is done in secret, Ann Lee concluded.

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