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NGO Claims UK 'Backsliding on Democracy' by Undermining Anti-Israel Boycott

© AFP 2023 / AHMAD GHARABLIA Palestinian woman walks past a mural calling people to boycott Israeli goods in the al-Azzeh refugee camp near the West Bank city of Bethlehem. file photo
A Palestinian woman walks past a mural calling people to boycott Israeli goods in the al-Azzeh refugee camp near the West Bank city of Bethlehem. file photo - Sputnik International
Tel Aviv is exerting its influence on the British government and forcing it to keep a tight rein on freedom of expression in the UK by preventing public sector organizations from endorsing a boycott on Israeli products, according to Kamel Hawwash, Vice Chairman of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign.

In an interview with Sputnik, Kamel Hawwash, Vice Chairman of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC), said that Israel is trying hard to force the UK government to backslide on democratic freedoms in Britain.

The interview came after British Prime Minister David Cameron's government announced a bevy of proposals to combat an anti-Israel boycott in the UK.  

According to the proposed regulations, universities, city councils, state-run health services and other government-funded public organizations will be banned from discriminating against products that are made in Israel, including in the occupied West Bank.

"Israel seeks to put pressure on the UK government to limit freedom of expression and the democratic process," Hawwash pointed out.

His organization, the PSC, is among the chief proponents of the boycott.

He expressed doubt that the British government will achieve its "ultimate goal" of preventing Israeli goods from being boycotted in the UK, even if the proposals are finally adopted.

"People will act individually in terms of the boycott of Israeli products. The more the UK government supports the Israeli regime, the more people will realize the need not to buy Israeli-made goods. So I think it all is going to backfire," Hawwash said.

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According to the British newspaper The Independent, many public bodies in Britain are currently continuing to boycott products made by firms involved in the sale of arms, tobacco and fossil fuels as well as ones which operate from Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank.

However, the situation may change already in the nearest future as the UK government's plan stipulates "severe penalties" for institutions that continue to participate in boycott.

The Independent quoted UK officials as saying that the government is banning the participation of government and government-funded organizations in boycotts of Israeli goods because the practice allegedly undermines "community cohesion" and Britain's "international security".

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