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Did Google Earth Capture Signs of an Alien Invasion?

© Flickr / AK RockefellerA new alien sighting around Phoenix Arizona...
A new alien sighting around Phoenix Arizona... - Sputnik International
Probably not. The leading theory right now is that the image shows a water cistern or heap of junk, but maybe the guy in the white truck next to the alleged spacecraft may also be an alien.

​On Thursday, a video recorded by Google Earth cameras was released appearing to have captured what some viewers claim is a crashed flying saucer in an Arizona mountain range.

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The zoomed-in image shows a large black circular object lying in the middle of the desert mountains, with a white truck parked directly next to the purported alien spacecraft.

Tyler, from Secure Team 10, who uploaded the video to YouTube, claims that the craft had landed in a "no-fly" zone. He speculated that it could be an alien spacecraft crash site, or "it could be a testing site."

The uploader states that, "what really interests him," is that there is not just one but two no-fly restrictions over the same area. "That’s a hell of a lot of military-grade restriction overkill for whatever this thing is."

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One observer of the video used Google Earth to quickly dispel the flying saucer theory, noting "some old disintegrating structures nearby and what looks like a solar panel suggests that this is a water cistern."

Of course, others questioned whether the commenter was a government agent masking the truth by using a false explanation.

America’s projected next president, Hillary Clinton (if polls can be believed), has made a campaign promise to release all government data on alien life, UFOs, and flying saucers to the public on her first day in office. 

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