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Swedish Gov’t ‘Lying’ About ‘Russian Threat’ to Enter NATO

© REUTERS / Francois LenoirFlags fly at half mast at NATO headquarters in Brussels, March 23, 2016.
Flags fly at half mast at NATO headquarters in Brussels, March 23, 2016. - Sputnik International
Both the mainstream Swedish media and politicians have spread lies about Russian aggression in order to force the Swedish public to accept their bid for NATO membership, journalist Olle Ljunbeck wrote for the Swedish newspaper Gefle Dagblad.

Anti-Russian rhetoric in Sweden has become more aggressive and less believable.

"Members of the Swedish government, parliamentarians and representatives of national security and defense agencies allow themselves any lies about Russia and Putin" to scare the Swedish public and force them to accept the country's NATO membership, the newspaper said.

These accusations against Russia are outright lies and those who spread them are deceiving the public, Ljunbeck said.

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For example, two years ago the government in Stockholm accused Russia of sending its submarine to the Swedish waters to spy on them. Sweden mobilized all of its intelligence services trying to find the Russian submarine, but all of their attempts were in vain, as of course there were no submarine nor any traces of it being anywhere near Stockholm.

In another case, Wilhelm Unge, the chief-analyst at the Swedish Security Service (SAPO), said that one out of three Russians working at the Russian embassy in Sweden were spies gathering information while posing as diplomats and businessmen.

Meanwhile, these same people, who constantly scare the Swedish public with Russian spies and submarines, have an open-door intelligence sharing policy with Washington. It's worth noting that in the past the US government was caught spying on others, including its allies, and nothing was really done about it.

All the Americans need to do to find out about Swedish military secrets is to ask them and they'll be readily available, Gefle Dagblad reported.

The impudence with which Swedish citizens are told that the United States is their best ally and the guarantee of security against Russia is ludicrous, the author said, adding that Sweden must not join any military alliances outside of Scandinavia.

"A military alliance with the United States would be if not suicide then a serious risk of getting drawn into a war," Ljunbeck said, according to Gefle Dagblad.

If Sweden became a NATO member it would be forced to become involved in more wars and spend more money. The Swedish people should have a right to decide interdependently, without anti-Russian propaganda from mainstream media, who they trust more — the United States or Russia, Ljunbeck said.

Russia is Not Sweden's Enemy

Despite the attempts to vilify Russia and portray it as an aggressor, it was NATO, led by the US government and its allies, that created the ongoing problems with international terrorism and migrants in Europe, Ljunbeck said.

Many times the US government has violated international law and intervened into the domestic affairs of other countries, organizing coups and bloody revolutions across the world. The overthrow of Saddam Hussein in Iraq and Muammar Gaddafi in Libya are just recent examples of the aggressive US foreign policy.

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These military interventions resulted in the spread of radical militant Islam, which have turned the large parts of North Africa and the Middle East into the hotbeds of terrorism.

According to the Swedish journalist, it was the United States and the EU that created trouble in the Middle East leading to the influx of migrants into Europe with which Sweden is currently struggling.

Meanwhile, Russian President Vladimir Putin has shown himself to be a better strategist than the US government when it comes to solving some of the issues in the Middle East. Putin always knew that if Syrian President Bashar al-Assad were to be overthrown, the situation in the country would disintegrate, turning into real chaos, similar to Libya and Iraq, Ljunbeck argued.

"I think more Swedes trust Russia than the United States. That's why we shouldn't join NATO," the journalist said.

He added that it would be much better for the Swedish public to let Moscow know that Swedes don't consider Russia as a threat and instead look for closer cooperation with their Eastern neighbor.    

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