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German Internet Users Declare War on Merkel Amid Erdogan's Satire Probe

© REUTERS / Morris Mac Matzen, Fabrizio BenschA combination of pictures shows German Chancellor Merkel and German comedian Boehmermann.
A combination of pictures shows German Chancellor Merkel and German comedian Boehmermann. - Sputnik International
German authorities have given official permission to launch an investigation into the case of German journalist Jan Böhmermann, who performed an insulting satire poem criticizing Turkish President Erdogan and his policies.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel - Sputnik International
Lost Political Weight? Merkel's Ratings Down 11% After Erdogan Satire Probe
The decision of the German government has, however, been criticized by many German residents who perceived it as a betrayal which undermines German values. Some of them consider the move of the German leader a gesture of submission and acquiescence to the Turkish president.

For instance, German comedian and satirist, Oliver Kalkofe, called the current course of German policy an #AllBallsLost (#Eiverlust):

"We are now seeing the beginning of the end of Merkel's reign," Kalkofe said irritated. "I feel very sorry for this flabbiness," he added.

Following the decision of the German government, social network users posted more than 300,000 negative statements about German Chancellor Angela Merkel in mere hours.

For instance, a satirist portrayed Merkel dancing in front of Erdogan and presenting him the journalist's head on a platter.

One picture says more than 1,000 words.

At the same time, Satirical magazine Der Postillon came up with the title "The conflict is settled. The government sends Böhmermann into the hands of the Turkish authorities."

Cartoonist Marian Kamensky depicted Merkel standing in front of the Turkish leader giving him a punching bag in the form of the disgraced satirist and boxing gloves.

​Merkel's vote was decisive. Cartoon by Marian Kamensky.

Despite Merkel's statement that the investigation into Böhmermann's case should not be viewed as a pre-conviction, many perceived this move as a betrayal of German values and principles. German residents expressed their anger and frustration on social networks under the hashtag #NichtMeineKanzlerin (#NotMyChancellor).

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