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Obama Launches Military Buildup Along Russia’s Borders Out of ‘Total Panic’

© REUTERS / Francois LenoirA controller monitors is seen screening aboard a NATO AWACS (Airborne Warning and Control Systems) aircraft during a surveillance flight over Romania in this April 16, 2014.
A controller monitors is seen screening aboard a NATO AWACS (Airborne Warning and Control Systems) aircraft during a surveillance flight over Romania in this April 16, 2014. - Sputnik International
President Obama has launched the US most massive military buildup along Russia’s and China’s borders out of “total panic”: President Putin has “successfully outflanked” him in Syria and exposed Obama as “essentially a supporter of international terrorism,” according to Mike Billington, an author for the Executive Intelligence Review newsmagazine.

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“The fact is that Obama is totally panicked,” Mike Billington stated in his interview with Press TV, the Iranian English language news channel.

Commenting on the recent US-led military buildup along Russia’s and China’s borders, he called it the most massive since World War II and said that the leaders of both countries, Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping perceive it correctly: as a “direct threat of war”.

The author then explained what he means under “Obama’s total panic”.

“The fact is that Obama is panicked. The whole western financial system is crumbling,” he said.

“Putin has successfully outflanked Obama in Syria by demonstrating that it is totally possible to defeat terrorism if you cut off the supplies to the terrorists from Obama’s friends in Saudi Arabia and Turkey,” he explained. “Which thereby exposes Obama as essentially a supporter of international terrorism.”

And this, he added, is “coupled in the US by the fact that the fight over 28 pages, that section of 9/11 report, which exposed the Saudi direct funding for the 9/11 hijackers and terrorists. this is now coming to a head while the American population is being diverted into this crazy election process between two fanatics — Clinton and Trump – the reality is that Obama is very severely threatened and could be  removed from office very quickly as Lyndon LaRouche has demanded he be before he pushed the button.”

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Besides, Billington explained that Russia’s success in Syria is not only due to the country’s military might.

“Putin has shown his brilliant creativity actually not just in the military deployment in Syria but as you probably know he took Russia’s greatest orchestra, the Mariinsky orchestra from Saint Petersburg right into Palmyra and used one of the greatest weapons in history… in the middle of Palmyra where the ISIS (Daesh) carried out their beheadings,” he said.

“This is a demonstration that creativity and beauty are the purpose of victory not just military defeat of an enemy but to bring the world to a higher order, to bring the world together around human creativity which has been so desperately lost in the West under the gun of the rock, drug, sex counterculture and the green anti-science hysteria,” he furthermore explained.

Referring to the US military buildup along Russia’s and China’s borders, the author suggested that the purpose is to “force the Russians to back down.”

However though suggesting that the Russians will never back down, he nevertheless says that the threat of the war remains very high.

“Well it is not meant to simply undermine Moscow in the sense of getting Putin to back down, as I said he won’t back down, it is a threat of war,” he suggested.

A helicopter flies by the radar building of a missile defense base, in Deveselu, prior to an opening ceremony attended by U.S., NATO and Romanian officials at a base, originally established by the Soviet Union, in Deveselu, Southern Romania, Thursday, May 12, 2016. - Sputnik International
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“We are on the brink of thermonuclear war. People better face the fact that we are dealing with a bankrupt Western financial system that would rather go to war against the BRICS, against Russia, China, India, and those nations who have put together a new world financial system, a new order through the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB), the New Silk Road and so forth and that this is a threat to their existence not because they are threatening the West but because the West is bankrupt and can only survive by looting not by building.”

The West long ago gave up building anything in the developing sector. They simply looted raw materials and China is offering something different together with Russia, he furthermore stated.

“We can and we must reverse the situation in the United States because if the US continues on its… path, we are heading for a war, it will be a nuclear war, it could be extinction of mankind and this is going to be determined in the next weeks and months not years,” he finally said.

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