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All Rise AI! Internet of Things Googled Into Your Home

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Internet of things - Sputnik International
It seems 2016 is fast becoming the year of the Internet of Things (IoT) with tech giants infiltrating every corner of domestic life, from wireless home entertainment systems, remote access door locks to WiFi-ready washing machines and driverless cars.

Tech giant Google is set to infiltrate more than just your computer or smartphone after revealing its Google Home device will be launched later this year, permeating households with more Artificial Intelligence (AI). The device is a voice-activated smart assistant for your home.

Imagine a virtual personal assistant shaped like a digital jug that sits next to you on the sofa, switching the TV channel over, or putting on some music without you having to get up or lift a finger or touch a remote. And if you have a question — just ask — and the device will retrieve the result for you from its search engine and speak back to you — just like a virtual Q&A session.

​"Google Home is the tech giant's answer to the question of how to bring you the smart home of tomorrow today — or, at least, later this year," according to Tech website IT Pro.

It "leverages Google's latest virtual assistant to provide you with a real-world search tool, media center, and IoT controller all in one."

The Internet of Things - Sputnik International
Internet of Things Will Never Be Safe Enough

However, the infiltration of the Internet of Things in almost every aspect of domestic and professional life does carry its risks.

Remote locking systems and air-conditioning units may sound convenient — but it also unlocks the potential for cybercriminals to remotely take control over the system or spy on you

And as you sit having a Q&A session with your smart device — or watching Internet channels through your television — the questions you ask, what you watch, what time you come home is personal data.

Personal ​data that has the potential to be either stored, shared or even hacked into.

The take-up of the Internet of Things in 2016 is expected to rise along with a rapid need for more cybersecurity solutions which will need to keep up with criminals, always keen to exploit new systems.

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