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FBI ‘on Very Fine Line’ With Anti-Terror Sting Ops in Mosques

© AFP 2023 / Mandel NganA crest of the Federal Bureau of Investigation is seen 03 August 2007 inside the J. Edgar Hoover FBI Building in Washington, DC.
A crest of the Federal Bureau of Investigation is seen 03 August 2007 inside the J. Edgar Hoover FBI Building in Washington, DC. - Sputnik International
The US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is on questionable ground when infiltrating mosques and arresting young Muslims as they attempt to head overseas to join extremist groups, political advocacy group American Muslims for Trump Director Sajid Tarar told Sputnik.

WASHINGTON (Sputnik) — Tarar pointed out that his backing Trump, who has angered many Muslims by calling for a ban on Syrian refugees entering the United States, stems from the candidate’s willingness to say that radical Islam is a threat to Western civilization.

Muslims for Trump plans to participate in a fundraiser with another organization called the National Diversity Coalition for Trump, and has plans to establish its own chapters in at least 17 US states after the Democratic and Republican national conventions in July, Tarar added.

"You cannot blame them [the FBI] completely," Tarar stated on Friday. "Maybe they are taking precautions or something… This is a very fine line. The whole thing seems fishy to me… It is very upsetting to be honest with you."

Tarar expressed skepticism over the FBI string strategy because he doubted whether lonely, depressed individuals from broken families with no jobs who may have been on drugs and then went to a mosque in an attempt to change their lives posed an existential threat to Western civilization.

"Frankly speaking they cannot be a real threat. They are vulnerable, they are weird. People say they are being radicalized, but I think they are psychologically sick, they are depressed."

Tarar also expressed concern US authorities may be mistaken in likening American Muslims with their counterparts in Europe.

"We, American Muslims, are different from the European Muslims. European Muslims live in ghettos while American Muslims are pretty spread out. We don’t face the kind of racism and prejudice as in Europe. America is a melting pot. Everybody is from somewhere else."

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