US Congress Seeks to Re-Establish Cold-War Era Anti-Russian Spy Committee

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A US Congress-proposed bill seeks to re-establish a Cold War-era body aimed at countering Russian espionage, amid tense relations between the two major world powers, BuzzFeed reported, citing a source in the US intelligence services.

MOSCOW (Sputnik) — In a press release last month, Senator Richard Burr’s press office said that the 2017 Intelligence Authorization Bill, which was passed by the Senate Intelligence Committee in May, "requires the President to establish an interagency committee to counter Russian active measures," however no details on the requirements have been listed.

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According to the BuzzFeed news outlet, the intelligence bill calls to revive the Cold War-era presidentially-appointed group to counter "Russian spies and Russian-sponsored assassinations" in the United States. The group would have to also investigate the funding of Russian "covert broadcasting, media manipulation" and secret funding.

The bill, among other measures, calls to tighten how Russian diplomats can travel within the United States without official notifications to US authorities, limiting it to a 50-mile perimeter around the embassy. All movement outside that perimeter would have to be investigated by the security services, the media outlet reported.

The bill now must be passed by the Senate.

Since 2014, relations between Russia and the United States deteriorated. Washington and its allies have introduced several rounds of anti-Russia sanctions over the reunification of Crimea with Russia and Moscow’s alleged interference in the Ukrainian conflict.

Russia has repeatedly refuted the allegations, warning that the Western sanctions are counterproductive and undermine global stability.

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