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Mainstream McCarthyism: Greenwald Blasts Media’s Anti-Russian Trump Attacks

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In a rush to demonize Trump by any means necessary, America’s corporate media outlets have made the world a less safe place, revived one of the most disturbing moments in US history, and completely ignored the fact that the primary election was rigged against Bernie Sanders.

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In an interview with Slate Magazine, Glenn Greenwald let a rip on the mainstream media’s coverage of the rise of Donald Trump and feckless attempts to discredit the Republican standard-bearer by associating him with Moscow and flat out accusing him of being a Russian agent, Manchurian candidate, or a Putin puppet.

"The US media is essentially 100% united vehemently against Trump and are preventing him from being elected president," said Greenwald. "I don’t have an actual problem with that because I share the premises on which it is based about why he poses such extreme dangers."

What concerns Greenwald is the rampant fabrications and false narratives spun against Trump solely in the name of impacting the presidential "horse race" which he views as akin to the death of journalism.

He said that as a journalist he is not "willing to go along with any claim, no matter how fact-free, no matter how irrational no matter how dangerous it could be in order to bring Trump down."

"So, literally, the lead story in the New York Times today suggests, and other people have similarly suggested it, that Trump was literally putting in a request to Putin for the Russians to cyberattack the FBI, the United States government, or get Hillary Clinton’s emails," said Greenwald. "That is such unmitigated bulls---. It was an offhand, trolling comment designed to make some kind of snide reference to the need to find Hillary’s emails."

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"Nobody who listened to Trump could think that was genuinely a treasonous request for the Russians to go and cyberattack the US government," continued Greenwald. 

Greenwald went further in laying out the case why the attacks against Trump are merely a 21st century derivative of McCarthyism. "Look at the Russia stuff; the history of linking your political opponents to Russia is a really dangerous and ugly one in the US. That’s basically how, for a decade, the right demonized the left, but also liberals. This is the rhetoric that has been resurrected in order to demonize Trump, and I do find it disturbing," explained Greenwald.

"What has he said about Russia? The platform change that he wanted said that he didn’t think the US should be funding factions in the Ukraine in order to defense themselves against Russia because he didn’t think that we had a vital interest in Russia’s neighborhood… that’s been a standard liberal view for decades," exclaimed the journalist.

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​The narrative of linking Trump to Putin and Russia first took off when, in the wake of the DNC email leaks exposing that Hillary Clinton’s campaign coordinated with the Democratic Party and the mainstream media to rig the 2016 Democratic Primary election against Bernie Sanders, Clinton’s campaign manager Robby Mook took to the news to say that Russia was behind the leak and it was an attempt by Vladimir Putin to subvert America’s democratic processes.

Perhaps conveniently, with the media equally implicated in the WikiLeaks dump, news outlets have ran with the narrative whole hog with headlines such as “Donald Trump Invites Putin to Invade Melania’s Hometown” that would even give a Cold War era propagandist pause. 

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