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Pentagon Claims Russia Creating Bionic Superhuman Soldiers With Brain Implants

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Turns out that the Pentagon appears to be speaking about programs they have sanctioned under DARPA in addition to similar efforts by the British military which have pretty close to nothing to do with Russia.

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Top American military officials claim that Moscow is working to create “enhanced human operations” technology they say "scares the crap" out of them with the specter of stronger, faster, and more deadly super soldiers on the horizon according to the latest musings from the Pentagon.

In the bid to develop a superior fighting force, most countries are looking to weapons based around robotics, lasers and exoskeletons to create a real-life Iron Man, but the US military officials, perhaps in a bout of propaganda, suggest that Russia is focused on also augmenting human biology – think more X-Men than Iron Man – in order to create the most deadly fighting force in the world.

"Our adversaries, quite frankly, are pursuing enhanced human operations and it scares the crap out of us," said US Deputy Secretary of Defense Bob Work.

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While some of this purported human biological enhancements come by means of drugs and steroids according to US defense officials in order to make soldiers tougher on the battlefield and able to traverse longer distances at faster speeds, the Pentagon has a strange fascination with the outlandish claim that Russia is using brain implants embedded into soldiers’ heads to make them follow orders.

They also fathom that microscopic technology could be implanted into soldiers for more benign purposes such as enhancing the body’s wound healing capabilities without the need of a medic or bionics to allow men to control machine or extensive prosthetics with their minds.

If this sounds crazy and like it would dehumanize the Russian soldiers in the minds of an unsuspecting American public then perhaps the Pentagon has accomplished its feat. The US, whose secret science DARPA division is already exploring this precise technology claims that they "are uncomfortable" using such technology in the words of Undersecretary Bob Work.

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Similarly, the British Ministry of Defense is exploring the feasibility of such super soldier technology in the next 30 years according to confidential papers made public in 2013 including augmented bodies and signaling to an electronic chip in soldiers’ brains to ensure that they follow orders.

In fact, it seems like there is a wealth of evidence that the United States and Britain are both engaged in exactly the same unethical and deeply disquieting programs that they allege that Russia is exploring despite providing absolutely no evidence of these claims.

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