Russian Companies Present Egypt With High-Tech Solutions for Airport Security

© AFP 2023 / MOHAMED EL-SHAHED Tourists look out at a Russian plane on the tarmac of the airport in Egypt's Red Sea resort of Sharm el-Sheikh on November 6, 2015
Tourists look out at a Russian plane on the tarmac of the airport in Egypt's Red Sea resort of Sharm el-Sheikh on November 6, 2015 - Sputnik International
In connection with preparations for the resumption of Russian tourist flights to Egypt, Russian officials have confirmed that they will conduct checks of Egyptian airport security later this month. At the same time, Russian firms have offered Egyptian security services with high-tech means to ensure security in airports and other public places.

On Thursday, Russian media reported that Egyptian aviation authorities will be expecting a visit by Russian airport security experts later this month. The experts are expected to check the security measures in place at several airports across the country for any weak points they might have.

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Russian tourism flights to Egypt were halted after a Russian Airbus was brought down in a terror attack in October 2015 over Sinai, killing all 224 passengers and crew onboard. Last month, Russian Transport Minister Maxim Sokolov met with his Egyptian colleagues in Moscow. The two sides agreed to develop a bilateral agreement on security cooperation, and the possibility of Russian security experts working directly to ensure safety at Egypt's airports.

At the same time, Russian firms have offered Egypt modern equipment for ensuring security at public places. A delegation involving representatives of eight Russian companies producing security equipment visited Egypt recently to participate in a "Safety & Security" symposium, offering the Egyptian side with a number of technologies and systems meant to radically improve the safety standards at the country's airports. 

Sputnik was able to find out a few details about some of the systems and technologies being offered by the Russian companies. These include special sensors for the detection of drugs and explosives. The sensors, about the size of a small sheet of paper, can detect drugs and determine their type, along with explosive materials, and change color when illegal or dangerous contents are present in packages or luggage.

Another Russian firm presented a portable device for detecting explosives. The mechanism is compact, and can be carried by plainclothes security personnel in their pockets, allowing them to move near suspicious objects without being detected by any suspicious persons. The device works in two phases, the first working to detect explosive material, and the second identifying it and displaying relevant information regarding which dangerous or prohibited substance is present.

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The Russian side also presented cameras equipped with radar for monitoring sensitive or off-limits areas. Movement is detected by radar, which then sends a signal to the camera, which is automatically directed to the location where movement was recorded. The camera also includes automatic zoom, if necessary, depending on its distance from the suspicious movement.

Finally, another company presented a camera with face recognition technology capable of identifying wanted terrorists. Set up in airports, train stations and other public areas, the camera can read faces and compare them in real time with the databases of Egypt's Interior Ministry. 

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