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Team Trump Says God Cast His Vote for the Republican and Wrote it in the Sky

© AP Photo / Mark ZaleskiRepublican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks at an event.
Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks at an event. - Sputnik International
An unusual cloud formation sets Twitter ablaze and leaves the Trump campaign believing that a higher power may be on their side in the 2016 election.

This combination of file photos shows Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton(R) speaking at New York University in New York on July 24, 2015 and US Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump exiting the New York Supreme Court after morning jury duty on August 17, 2015 in New York - Sputnik International
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In what the mainstream US media calls "an unsettling forecast," some are saying that God has tilted the scales in favor of the bombastic billionaire Republican nominee Donald Trump etching the controversial candidate’s image in the skies.

A cloud formation appears to be a perfect replica of the candidate’s facial profile from the exactly 45 degree angle nose to the patented Trump fluff of frontal hair to the oddly small chin attached to such a large face.

The portrait of the truculent tycoon painted masterfully by the Almighty graced the skies of Chicago on August 15 and was immediately posted by Fox32 Chicago news before going viral when Trump’s executive Vice President Michael Cohen circulated it around Twitter late Saturday night.

"In case anyone is unsure as to who will be our next #POTUS, the Lord has chosen the people’s messenger," said Cohen in reference to his longtime boss.

​Of course, Cohen who is also Trump’s attorney may not be the most reliable source given that he is known for starting the "poll truther" movement questioning "says who?"when told that Trump was trailing in the polls by ten points several weeks ago.

Others are wondering whether the message in the sky by the great and all-powerful God might have triggered Trump’s miraculous comeback as the candidate has seen a massive surge in support starting around August 15 when the cloud appeared and is now ahead of or tied with Hillary Clinton in several national election polls.

​Hillary Clinton’s staff is reported to be searching through bowls of cereal for secret images of the former Secretary of State in hopes that God may be a swing voter and change his mind before Election Day.

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