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What's Behind Women Turning Into Jihadists

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Women of Daesh - Sputnik International
French policemen arrested a group of women plotting a terrorist attack in Paris. Although the attack was prevented, the threat of other attacks has not dissipated; French President Francois Hollande said. Patrick Amoyel, psychoanalyst from Université Nice Sophia-Antipolis discussed why women are becoming terrorists with Sputnik.

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‘Credible Information’ Suggests Daesh Continues to Plan Attacks in France
“All serious research on the subject suggests that women are not attracted to violence. It is not something that immediately adds value,” Amoyel told Sputnik.

He further said, “It is just about submission to God's law, that is, for a woman who obeys, violent action is an absolute submission to God, a complete submission. Whereas for men, violence is attractive in itself.”

The psychoanalyst further explained that women are motivated to enter heaven after they commit acts of terror.

“But this is not the paradise, where martyrs go after they die. The paradise into which women go is not the paradise where there are 72 virgins waiting to provide sexual pleasure, like it is for men. This paradise is to meet her husband, her companion,” Amoyel explained.

Second, this paradise also promises certain feminine benefits, that is, eternal beauty and eternal youth.

It is, in general, the classic method used by terrorists to seduce women by using their beauty as bargaining chip.

“This is classic. Yes, the jihadists who want to commit terrorist acts in Europe hide behind the fact which seems harmless, but it is war and this is typical not only for Islamists,” the psychoanalyst concluded.

On Sunday, a car with five gas and three diesel bottles was discovered near the Notre-Dame cathedral in Paris.

Three women, who were arrested, were planning to commit a terrorist attack on the Eiffel Tower, an edition of Journal du Dimanche reported.

According to the publication, the detained women said that the vehicle in which the gas cylinders were kept was originally intended for a terrorist attack on the Eiffel Tower, the main symbol of Paris.

According to the Interior Minister of France, Bernard Kaznёva, French police arrested another three suspects: 19, 23 and 39 year old women, who were preparing “new, violent and imminent attacks.”

According to the prosecutor's office in Paris, the three women were acting under the guidance of Daesh militants.

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