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US Attack on Syrian Army 'Intentional Move in Support of Clinton's Campaign'

© AFP 2023 / GEORGE OURFALIAN Syrian Army Repels Daesh Attack Near Deir ez-Zor Airbase
Syrian Army Repels Daesh Attack Near Deir ez-Zor Airbase - Sputnik International
Commenting on the warmongering US rhetoric towards Russia and the diplomatic dust-ups between the two countries over the developments in Syria, Russian politician Igor Morozov tells Sputnik what might be behind the US' moves.

Free Syrian Army fighters launch a Grad rocket from Halfaya town in Hama province (File) - Sputnik International
US 'Invested Too Much Into Syrian Opposition to be Able to Backtrack'
"It only demonstrated that the whole negotiation process, which lasted for one year, has been ruined due to the Americans' fault," Morozov, member of the Committee for Foreign Affairs of the Council of the Federation, the Upper Chamber of the Russian parliament told Sputnik.

The politician stated that the US attack on the positions of the Syrian army in Deir ez-Zor drew a line under what Sergei Lavrov and John Kerry have been doing throughout the year.

The five agreements which were agreed and signed between the two diplomats paved the way to the initial stage of the peace talks between all the parties to the Syrian conflict which want to stop the war.

Morozov also noted that there was also an ongoing process of signing the agreement on the cessation of hostilities in Russia's Center for reconciliation of opposing sides in Syria in Hmeymim.

All the heads of the Syrian settlements where jihadist groups were deployed came to sign this agreement underwritten by Russia. There were already over 700 signatories, he said.

Then Lavrov and Kerry agreed upon the cessation of hostilities, first for 48 hours, then up to seven days and then not limited in time. Under this agreement, both the US and Russia were supposed to control the implementation of the agreement on the territories under their control. Then, just a few days later came the American attack on Deir ez-Zor.

"It was this strike that enabled al-Nusra Front to capture a strategic area near Deir ez-Zor and get control over the situation in the area which the Syrian forces had been containing for two years," the politician said.

"The Americans are not searching for a pretext. They provoke such special situations through their agents in the jihadist groups. We understand that whoever attacked the humanitarian convoy, either the US unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) or its special agents within al-Nusra Front, it was done by the US," the politician said.

A-10 Thunderbolt - Sputnik International
Deir ez-Zor Attack Was Coordinated Between US, Daesh – Syrian Lawmaker
In this way, they inflamed the conflict by imposing so-called responsive measures, which have become a stumbling block for further negotiations on the Syrian crisis.

It is therefore the Americans who destroyed the trust between the Syrians who longed for peace, and there were many of them, between Bashar Assad and his government, between Russia and the US, he explained.

The politician further suggested that there is another reason behind the attack on Deir ez-Zor.

"We can suggest that there is no unity within the Obama administration and within the US Democratic party on how to strengthen the positions of its presidential nominee Hillary Clinton in her presidential race against Donald Trump," he told Sputnik.

"Thus they need to do something unconventional. What happened in Deir ez-Zor and Aleppo are examples of such unconventional moves which the Americans have made intentionally in support of Clinton's campaign," he said.

The politician further suggested that Obama has lost the control over the situation in the country, which was taken by the "party of war" in the US, which embraces a considerable part of the Democratic party and the country's military and industrial complex which, in turn, supports the Republicans.

Hence there is a conflict between the US State Department and the Pentagon, which can't agree on the Syrian issue. The reason why the two institutions fail to agree, the politician said, is down to the unorthodox actions taken to bolster Clinton's position in the presidential race.

The same reasoning, he said, now defines US foreign policy. For the sake of strengthening Clinton's position,  Washington is sacrificing all the agreements between the US and Russia and undermining the peace process in such a complicated geopolitical conflict, he finally said.

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