Paranoia or Premonition: Tech Billionaires Want to Save Humanity From the Matrix

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What do you get when you've got lots of money and a healthy imagination? The theory that we are all living in some kind of complex computer simulation Matrix apparently, or that is at least according to some tech billionaires in Silicon Valley.

But then again, once upon a time the world was believed to be flat until it was proven otherwise. Currently who is to say we aren't actually stuck in a Matrix and that we should be waiting for Neo or Morpheus equivalent to save us?

Global politics certainly appears as if it is currently beaming from some alternative dimension with all the rather unusual happenings occurring worldwide.

If it were in fact all a faulty bit of computer software, hitting the restart button doesn't seem too far-fetched.

The correct scientific term for the "Matrix theory" is "Simulation Hypothesis" and there are a number of science practitioners and esteemed tech gurus who take it very seriously. SpaceX and Tesla's Elon Musk hasn't been shy in revealing his concerns and is one of many who are said to be working with teams of experts to "save humanity" from digital doom.

Maybe the elites from the tech world find their source of inspiration from philosopher Nick Bostrom. In 2003, he wrote in great detail about the simulation theory and even went as far as professing that the next stage of human evolution was to be some kind of post-human civilization, all mastered initially by our ancestors and those before them.

It's sounds like predicting how humanity may one day end has become quite the popular topics of debate at these Silicon Valley get-togethers.

Y Combinator head Sam Altman, is Musk's fellow billionaire tech powerhouse, who is also said to be working on a Keanu Reeves-style action plan against a grand computer controlling everything.

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Even broader world Armageddon theories have been openly discussed by Sam Altman recently. These include the potential threat of contagious viruses spreading, Artificial Intelligence attacking or nuclear war breaking out between countries over resources or territory disputes. 

Call it all paranoia or vigilant warnings, based on access to extra information that may not be available in the public spheres.

One thing is certain, if it all ends up being true, it will be the elites and the super rich of the world who'll likely be the most prepared as opposed to the Tom, Dick or Harry's of every day existence.

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