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US Corporate Media Execs Turn Into 'Fascists' Trying to Gag Alternative Outlets

© AP Photo / John LocherA camera operator waits in the debate hall before a CNN Democratic presidential debate.
A camera operator waits in the debate hall before a CNN Democratic presidential debate. - Sputnik International
US mainstream media pundits and corporate executives liked to present themselves as liberals, but they are turning into fascists in their growing efforts to suppress alternative news outlets they disapproved of in face of their own lost credibility and influence over the American public, US analysts told Sputnik.

WASHINGTON (Sputnik) — Facing a barrage of criticism for losing what was supposed to be a certain election victory against Trump, establishment Democrats have tried to deflect criticism by attacking a multitude of allegedly "fake news" sites which they blame for the election defeat of their presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

"This is when liberals slowly turn into fascists," Executive Intelligence Review (EIR) senior editor Jeff Steinberg told Sputnik. "Who did God anoint among these atheists to decide what is ‘fake’ news?"

Former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton speaks in Washington. (File) - Sputnik International
Who is to Blame for Hillary Clinton’s Loss?
Merrimack College Assistant Professor of Communications Melissa Zimdars, a self-proclaimed feminist activist, has put together a list of what she believes are false news sites. The list — extensively covered by the US corporate mainstream media — includes virtually all major alternative and independent media news outlets Zero Hedge, Infowars, Breitbart and others.

Steinberg said that the most powerful and influential corporate-owned media outlets in the United States were being increasingly exposed as peddling extreme bias and inaccurate coverage, fake polls and invented tweets themselves.

"My list would start with CNN, New York Times, Washington Post and Wall Street Journal," he said.

Steinberg explained the growing popularity of major international news organizations was not because the American and Western European publics had tired of factual and honest reporting, but because they craved it.

Washington Post headquarters - Sputnik International
Washington Post’s Piece on Fake News Promotes Fake List of Unreliable Sources
"Who drove people to alternative media in droves in search of true news? Why are RT and CCTV attracting followers? Or Sputnik News?" he asked.

Political commentator and author James Bovard said the accusations made against the independent media in the United States and elsewhere were particularly ludicrous as they came right after the mainstream media had shown overwhelming bias and unprofessional reporting in their hostility to US President-elect Donald Trump.

Bovard noted that Trump during his election campaign had been the repeated victim of fake news peddled not by small or US outlets or overseas companies, but consistently from the major US news platforms themselves.

"It is a hoot to hear politicians and the media complaining about ‘fake news’ after the bumper crop of malarkey they delivered during the presidential campaign," Bovard stated.

Trump, but also numerous other critics have repeatedly pointed out that during the presidential race the New York Times, Washington Post as well as other corporate media outlets have employed entire teams whose sole job was to discredit him under the guise of investigative journalism.

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